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For such a small part of the body there are many parts which make up the knee. Unfortunately, this means there many ways that a knee can be injured. When it comes to the acute injuries which can result from car accidents or fall down accidents, the patella is often the affected part of the knee. But the meniscus can also be torn in the event of an accident such as a motor vehicle crash.

The meniscus is the crescent shaped cartilage which provides support to the knee when it experiences tension. There are actually two menisci in the knee, both of which distribute friction evenly between the tibia and the femur. If one or both menisci are torn as a result of a sporting accident, car crash, motorcycle accident, or slip and fall accident, it will affect the knee’s ability to function.

There are three main types of meniscus tears which range in severity.


There will be a small amount of pain and swelling with a minor meniscus tear, but in most cases the injury will go away within a few weeks.


There will be some sharper pain with a moderate knee injury, particularly on the sides and at the center of the knee. You may also find that the knee feels rigid and will not bend completely. Swelling will worsen over a period of 2 to 4 days and you might feel a sharp pain at times. Though these symptoms can disappear, the injury may return after time if the knee is overused. Consider seeking medical treatment.


The worse of the meniscal tears, a severe tear will be painful and will swell up quite a bit. Pieces of the meniscal cartilage can move into the region of the joint, affecting your ability to straighten or bend your knee. Severe meniscal tears can also causes your knee to lock up. It is strongly advised that you seek medical treatment in the event of such a tear.

To diagnose a meniscal tear a doctor will put you through a range of tests which will indicate your knees range of motion, stability, and tenderness. Your doctor or orthopedic surgeon may also order X-rays or an MRI to get a better look at the tear.

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