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What Is Considered A Defective Product?

According to product liability law in Pennsylvania, a product is considered defective in one of the following conditions.

  • Defect in Manufacturing – There is a flaw while constructing the product that resulted in the product being labeled as defective.
  • Defect in Design – The design of the product is unsafe or has some flaws that can cause potential damages.
  • False Marketing or Labeling – Products that lack the proper safety labeling and correct order of use due to the brand’s false marketing are considered unsafe to use and consume.

Common Injuries Caused By Defective Products

Various types of injuries can be caused by the use of a defective product. The injuries can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the severity of the injury. Severe injuries can impose serious damages and loss of income due to hospital and medical bills. The common injuries due to defective product use include:

  • Electrical shock and trauma
  • Burns
  • Injuries and cuts
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Death
  • Brain injuries

Defective Product Cases and Claims

Defective product liability law encompasses a broad range of types of claims.

Product liability cases are complicated, claims made in the listed field above are subject to unique features and procedures. As an example, in the state of Pennsylvania, you can file a product liability claim against any automobile manufacturer. If the injury is the result of a malfunction in their product you may have a case. Generally, in any kind of product liability case, a faulty product is indicated.

Product Liability Lawsuit

As we know that Pennsylvania is a “strict liability” state meaning that an injured individual must establish a relationship between the product and the injury or damage it causes its user. If your damage can be traced back to the fault of the manufacturer, then that manufacturer of the vehicle is liable. In any case of faulty vehicles where the manufacturer is liable, some examples include seatbelt and airbag malfunction, defective tires, sudden acceleration, and loose breaks, etc.

Stuart is an experienced product liability lawyer with offices in Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting. With years of personal injury law experience, he has helped many defective product victims receive the compensation they deserve.

What Compensation Is Available In A Products Liability Case?

You can seek compensation for your injuries caused by the use of a brand’s detective product. If your injury results in a visit to a doctor or hospital for treatment, you have the legal right to file a product liability case and demand compensation from the company. The recovery compensation can be calculated based on the cost of the following factors:

A personal injury lawyer and his injured client shake heads over a desk, most likely in agreement.
  • Ongoing medical expenses & Medical bills.
  • Compensation for lost wages, future loss of employment & earnings.
  • Permanent disability & injuries.
  • Pain and emotional sufferings, Loss of enjoyable life
  • Property damages.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For A Product Liability Claim In Pennsylvania?

States differ in their policies, but the statute of limitations in Pennsylvania allows the victim to file a product liability claim within two years after the incident. Contact your product liability lawyer as soon as you know that you are injured by a defective product.

How Product Liability Lawyers Keep Negligent Companies Accountable

Companies have an obligation to protect their consumers from faulty, defective, mislabeled, or dangerous products. When the manufacturing process fails to conform to these standards, companies have additional obligations to notify purchasers of their product of the potential harm that could result from the use of those products. Unfortunately, businesses selling these products often fail to alert consumers of the faulty product and may even continue to sell that product. This not only perpetuates the risk of harm for those individuals who have already purchased the product but also exposes new customers to the risk of harm. These actions are simply not acceptable.

When an injury occurs due to a faulty or damaged product, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent seller. A product liability attorney can step in and help you navigate through this process. Together, you and your attorney will gather information about the product that caused the injury, evaluate how preventable the malfunction was, and review your medical records. During this review period, you will discuss the various legal strategies and ways to approach your case. Ultimately our goal is to help you obtain a fair and just resolution to your case while also deterring companies from putting the safety of their customers in jeopardy.

Do You Need the Assistance of a Product Liability Lawyer?

Product liability cases can take a variety of forms. Many people associate products liability claims to situations in which a mistake has been made during the manufacturing of a product that causes it to malfunction and cause an injury. However, product liability claims can also stem from a delivery company failing to transport goods without damaging them or a food company failing to properly label their products for common allergens. In other words, there are many situations that fall under the umbrella of products liability claims. If you have received an injury from any product whatsoever, you may have a product liability claim and you should consult a product liability lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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Have you been injured by a poorly designed or manufactured product? As a products liability lawyer, Carpey Law can help you receive the compensation you deserve, including medical bills, lost wages, wrongful death, or damage and suffering.

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