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How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Common Misconceptions About Selecting An Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

Many personal injury clients think that all personal injury lawyers handle cases in the same way. This is simply not true. But, how do you go about choosing an accident lawyer in Philadelphia? Do you even need a lawyer? For small property damage claims, you may not need a lawyer. The same can be true for minor injury cases. But what is a minor injury case? Right after a trauma it may not always be apparent whether an injury which is initially minor will get worse, whether a case is small or large.

There are certain questions to ask that will lead you to the best accident lawyer in Philadelphia for your case, no matter what type of case you have.

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July 2023 Newsletter

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Deposition In A Personal Injury Case

What is a Deposition in a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case?

A deposition is the defense attorney’s opportunity to ask you questions about you and your case, posing questions about the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and your medical treatment. Depositions are an important part of your case, and are part of the “discovery” process of your case. Presenting yourself in a truthful, honest and sincere way at your deposition will have the most impact on the defense attorney and the opposing insurance company in their evaluation of you as a witness. Your attorney should you for your deposition, and under no circumstances should you give a deposition without having an attorney present.

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October 2022 Newsletter

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