Personal Injury Testimonials & Commitment to Customer Service

Mr. Carpey was very hands-on with my case. His staff was always available to me, and extremely nice. If ever I need legal representation again, Carpey Law will definitely be who I call. Thanks for everything.

~ Bethany Glass

I made a good decision in hiring Mr. Carpey. I was very impressed with him at the trial of my case. I would recommend Mr. Carpey as a lawyer to anyone who needs a good personal injury lawyer.

~ Ericka Corley

Personal Injury Lawyer Reviews & Endorsements

We are honored by the comments and testimonials that we receive from the people who we have represented in the past, as well as others in the legal community and professional community with who we have worked. As a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, I am proud to have received the following testimonials from former clients and other professionals in the community. You may not want to hire a personal injury attorney based on testimonials alone. Our clients tell us when they hire our personal injury law firm to represent them in their accident or injury case that they made their decision based on a combination of information, including testimonials, results and settlements, and practice areas on our website. We hope these are useful to you.

“They Fight and Fight and Fight… Until the End.”

“I Thank Him Ever, Ever So Much”

“Now I Have a Check 16x What My Insurance Offered”

“I’ll Never Forget This”

“From Day One, I Felt At Ease With Mr. Carpey”

“Beautiful Company, I Recommend Them to Anyone!”

Carpey Law Sets the Standard for Excellent Legal Customer Service

Now more than ever, people want to do business with companies that have a history of excellent customer service in a world that has become increasingly automated. At Carpey Law, we’ve always known the value of courtesy and professionalism. We think it’s important, from the initial phone call to the conclusion of the case, to treat our clients (and anyone who contacts our office) with respect. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s good business. Sometimes injured folks call us because there’s been a complete breakdown of communication between the client and the law firm that they hired. The worst thing a personal injury lawyer can do is to leave their client confused about the legal process and about the process of the personal injury case in general.

I was very pleased with how Carpey Law handled the process of my case. What I liked most about working with Carpey Law was that when I called I got a return call. Most lawyers don’t do that, but Carpey Law does.
~ William Graves

At Carpey Law, we make customer service our number one priority, and it is part of what sets us apart from the “other” law firms. Some folks think that by hiring the big firm whose name they see on TV, billboards, or advertising on the side of a bus means that somehow they will get a better result in their case. Typically, the opposite is true. We know and respect our clients. We know their cases. We treat our clients like family. Because we know that if you take good care of your customers, they will come back and they will send their friends. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, we can help.

Wish I had found Mr. Carpey 5 years ago!

Posted by Alisha on AVVO – Click the link to see the actual review!

I spoke with Mr. Carpey regarding my case which was ongoing, yet a few years old. My previous attorney withdrew his appearance and I found myself no longer represented. After a lengthy discussion, it was determined that my case was not a fit for this firm. That being said, Mr. Carpey was instrumental in assisting me with finding new counsel. He made referrals, emailed and called me to follow up. He was always available to take my calls, answer my questions and point me in the right direction. Mr. Carpey gave my situation attention, consideration and support. He reminded me that “there are good attorneys out there, Alisha” which restored my faith in the system. I feel very fortunate and incredibly grateful for his help. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Carpey to anyone. If ever I need a personal injury attorney again, Mr. Carpey will be my first call.

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