What Everyone Must Know About Accidents, DUI, & Drugs in Pennsylvania

Reading this book is the first step toward success with your case! This book provides you with a broad understanding of the criminal defense and the personal injury claims process with a specific focus on drunk driving and drug offenses and how they relate to each other. It presents concepts and briefly explains the theory behind them. The knowledge within this book is based on our combined 47 years of experience representing people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

While this book contains a great deal of knowledge, we still recommend hiring an attorney to handle your personal injury claim or your criminal defense. The District Attorney’s Offices would like nothing better than for all of its cases to result in pleas. Insurance Companies love to get statements from injured accident victims; they love to have forms signed; and they love to delay payment of a claim or deny a claim entirely.

The right lawyer is not only your advocate but also your counsel who ensures that you are making an educated decision. Taking a deal from the prosecution or a fast settlement offer from the insurance carrier simply because it looks good, without knowing your options, is the single worst decision you can make in a criminal or civil case. The right lawyer explains the law, provides options and makes recommendations. You make the final decision. You won’t know if taking a deal makes sense if you don’t follow this methodology.

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