Personal Injury Lawyer in Lehigh County

Some people are intimidated by the prospect of hiring an attorney and pursuing relief through the legal system. However, what many people don’t realize is that an experienced personal injury attorney can help take away the stress. Here are some tips to hire a personal injury attorney:

  • Ask an attorney you already know for a referral. He or she may have inside knowledge on who is good and experienced in handling personal injury cases.
  • Ask a friend or family member for a referral to an attorney that they have been pleased with.
  • Search on the Internet. Of course, not everyone advertises online. Most of our cases come from referrals from other attorneys or from other clients. But Google and other search engines can be sources to find a list of attorneys and their specialties. Just remember to be careful about advertising claims, and about attorneys who claim to be “specialists” in all sorts of areas of the law. And watch out for lawyers who indicate that they want as many cases as possible, and therefore may not have the time to pay special attention to your case, or that your case will be handled by inexperienced and unsupervised employees.
  • Check with your local bar association. Most offer a lawyer referral service that lists lawyers who have signed up and paid a fee. The bar association does not determine whether a lawyer can advertise that he or she “specializes” in any particular area of the law. There are virtually no restrictions on the types of law for which a lawyer may advertise. Once an attorney graduates from law school, and passes the state bar, he or she is permitted to practice in any field or specialty of law. Becoming an expert in their field does, however, take a great deal of time.

It is also important to talk to more than one lawyer, before you make a final decision. Here are some suggested questions to ask your prospective lawyer:

  • Can he/she provide you with a sample fee agreement and explain how it works?
  • Can he/she provide a written explanation of the steps involved in a personal injury case?
  • Can he/she provide you with a professional biography that outlines how the lawyer and the other lawyers at the firm have been handling personal injury matters?
  • What professional affiliations do they have?
  • Does he/she have experience actually litigating cases?
  • Does he/she have experience actually trying cases?
  • Does he/she teach other lawyers in Continuing Legal Education courses or write about his or her legal specialty for others?

Stuart Carpey has more than 33 years of courtroom experience helping individuals who have been injured in Lehigh County. You don’t have to handle the stress of getting your medical bills paid, reimbursed for your wage loss, or fixing your car on your own. Most personal injury lawyers help with these aspects of the case. Carpey Law makes this a priority and it is one of the ways that we set ourselves apart from our competitors. Carpey Law’s experience includes:

Car Accident Attorney in Lehigh County

motorcycle road accidentCar accidents happen relatively often. In fact, PennDot estimated that in 2019, Montgomery county was one of the top ten counties with the most reported traffic accidents in Pennsylvania. This is where having a team of car accident attorneys, such as Carpey Law can help you. At Carpey Law, we understand just how a car accident can affect your life and the kind of pressures that come with such an experience. Having an experienced car accident attorney on your side from the beginning allows you to focus on healing and returning to normal, while we focus on evaluating your claim and preparing for trial, or negotiating a settlement if possible. Additionally, working with someone who is familiar with the local court system in the Lehigh County area and has a strong understanding of the cases arising in Montgomery County is extremely beneficial. You don’t have to resolve your car accident on your own.

Slip and Fall Attorney in Lehigh County

Caution boardIf you are injured by a slip and fall while on public premises in Lehigh County, Carpey Law can help. Slip and fall injuries can be severe, and include head injuries, back injuries, and sometimes injuries to the arms and legs. Stuart Carpey at Carpey Law has years of experience handling slip and fall cases in Lehigh County and can help you navigate the legal processes following a slip and fall accident.

How Does Stuart Carpey Handle Personal Injury Cases in Lehigh County?

With over thirty three years of experience, Stuart Carpey applies his skills in analysis and knowledge of the law to put forward the best arguments that support his client’s cases and ultimately obtain the compensation they deserve.

Above all else, Stuart Carpey and Carpey Law understand the importance of communicating with their clients so that they not only understand what to expect as they pursue their lawsuit, but also so that they understand what is happening in their cases and never feel lost or confused about the process.

Stuart Carpey’s attention to detail, ability to accurately evaluate cases, and guide his clients through the litigation process has been dubbed “The Carpey Law Advantage.” Carpey Law constantly endeavors to ensure that clients feel confident in placing their case in our hands. It’s because of the Carpey Law advantage that injured people in Lehigh County continue to seek our help every day.

Stuart Carpey Always Provides an Honest Assessment of Your Lehigh County Injury Case

Stuart Carpey guarantees that he will provide an honest and thoughtful assessment of your case for free. Our responsibility is to point out both the strengths and the weaknesses in your case, in order to maximize your injury compensation. Additionally, Stuart Carpey involves his clients in decisions about their cases. As a result, clients can feel confident that they are making the best choices for themselves by knowing they are taking a proactive role in the lawsuit.

Trial Experience Counts

While not every case goes to trial, Stuart Carpey knows when it is worth continuing to fight with the defense and when it is in his client’s best interest to settle the case. Of course, the ultimate decision on whether to settle or try or a case is the client’s. In every case, however, Stuart approaches the matter as though it will be tried and handles every aspect of the case with that mindset from start to finish.

Dedicated to Injury and Accident Victims in Lehigh County

Carpey Law exclusively handles personal injury lawsuits. Since it is all we do, we have extensive knowledge in the practice of personal injury law, and the tools necessary to help you work through your claim. Contact Carpey Law to get expert advice on your personal injury claim.

More Tips on How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Not all lawyers have the same training. Many lawyers continue their professional training throughout their careers. For other lawyers that is simply not the case.
  • Not all lawyers go to trial; some lawyers who advertise for personal injury or medical malpractice cases have never gone to trial.
  • Not all lawyers have the same experience. This is particularly true for personal injury lawyers. Some have experience in handling the negotiation aspect of the case pre-suit but have no litigation, trial or appellate experience. Remember, you want an attorney that can not only negotiate a settlement on your behalf, pre-suit, but who can also try your case if necessary, and win on appeal if necessary.
  • A lawyer who has, for instance, a real estate practice, will not necessarily be good at personal injury cases. Handling personal injury cases is highly specialized. The same goes for just about every other type of law.
  • The fact that he/she actually advertises that he/she accepts certain types of cases does not necessarily mean that he/she actually has experience with those types of cases.
  • A “lawyer referral service” is not necessarily a good way to find the right lawyer for your case. Lawyers pay to be on these lists and no one checks to see whether the lawyer actually has experience in your legal matter.
  • Most Internet lawyer “directories” are nothing more than another advertising media.
  • Massive TV and radio advertising is not necessarily a sign of success. In some offices, paralegals handle virtually the entire case. The only time you see a lawyer may be when you are watching a TV ad.

As discussed earlier, you cannot turn on the TV, or radio, read the local paper or go online without seeing an ad from an attorney asking for your business. It makes choosing the right lawyer to represent you a real challenge – at a time when you are facing plenty of other challenges.

So how do you find the lawyer who is right for you?

I know what you should look for. In fact, I know exactly what questions you should ask that will help you find the very best person for your case – no matter what type of personal injury claim you have – medical malpractice, car accident, Septa accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, fall down, or work injury.

There is no doubt that dealing with the after effects of an accident can be a nightmare. So while you may already know a lawyer – a general practitioner, a family law lawyer, or a commercial lawyer – none of these lawyers are going to be the ideal lawyer to represent you in an injury case.

In Pennsylvania, our lawyer ethics rules do not allow us to claim we are experts, and there is no “outside” certification program – but there are many things you can and should look at to see if the attorney you are planning to hire to help you does have the experience and expertise that you would need. You deserve the help of an attorney who works in injury cases on a regular basis.

So where do you find an experienced personal injury attorney?