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Injured in a SEPTA Accident?

Accidents caused by riding a SEPTA bus, train, or trolley are common in and around the Philadelphia area.

Fun fact: the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the sixth largest public transport network in the United States, offering millions of rides to people who depend on transit services like trains, buses and trolleys for their daily transport and work.

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Why Should You Choose A Philadelphia SEPTA Accident Lawyer?

SEPTA is a state agency. Special rules apply to them. If those rules are not followed, for instance, how and when to notify SEPTA of your claim, you will lose your case. That is why you need to hire an experienced Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyer, like Stuart A. Carpey, to handle your SEPTA case.

Stuart Carpey is the ideal attorney to handle your SEPTA accident case. He has decades of experience dealing with personal injury laws, making him one of the top-rated lawyers in PA. He consistently achieves results that satisfy and impress his clients because he takes the time that is needed to understand and resolve your Philadelphia SEPTA accident case.

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What To Do If You’ve Been In a SEPTA Accident

  1. At the scene of a SEPTA bus, train, or trolley accident the bus driver will hand out an incident form or card for you to fill out. This is utilized to identify you as a passenger. You should complete the incident form or card and give it to the driver or SEPTA supervisor at the scene. SEPTA uses this information to fight fraud, for example, people claiming they were in accidents when they actually were not. If the bus driver does not give you a form, you absolutely have the right to ask for one.
  2. Write down a description of the driver, and get his or her name, as well as the names of any other drivers present during the accident.
    Ensure the SEPTA bus driver writes down your name and other information in their SEPTA incident form if you suffered any injuries while traveling on a SEPTA bus as passenger.
  3. Write down or take a picture of the bus number, the route number of the bus you were on and the vehicle’s license plate. Take any other pictures you believe could be helpful including photos of the accident scene, street signs, etc.
  4. Go to an emergency room for immediate medical care if necessary, and tell your doctors what is physically bothering you and how you were hurt.

SEPTA Accidents and Injuries

With hundreds of cars and buses on the roads, especially in congested areas of Philadelphia, SEPTA accidents are inevitable. Whether you are a commuter, SEPTA customer, or pedestrian, it’s important to understand the risk and your rights when it comes to SEPTA accidents. While car/bus accidents may typically come to mind when you think of a SEPTA accident, SEPTA personal injury claims can happen in a variety of ways including:

  1. Injuries caused when a train or subway car leaves the track
  2. Injuries as a result of bus accidents from both the initial impact or any damages to the vehicles, such as broken glass
  3. Pedestrian accidents, including being hit by a bus’s side-view mirror, being hit by a bus while crossing the street or bordering/exiting a bus, etc.
  4. Injuries as a result of sudden stops or turns
  5. Sexual assault while riding SEPTA
  6. Physical assault while riding SEPTA
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Filing a SEPTA Injury Claim

Often following a SEPTA accident that results in injured passengers or pedestrians, SEPTA offers the victims a pre-emptive settlement deal which typically covers any initial medical bills. While this may seem tempting at first, as medical bills begin to pile up, we advise you to consult with an experienced Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyer like Stuart Carpey before signing any paperwork as you may be eligible for further compensation. With an experienced, top Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyer on your side, depending on the extent of your injuries and suffering, you may be eligible to win the maximum payout from SEPTA.

Fraudulent SEPTA Injury Claims

Claiming fraudulent injuries in any kind of accident is against the law. In order to combat the large number of fraudulent injury claims made against SEPTA each year, SEPTA has installed surveillance cameras both inside and outside of their vehicles. While the camera footages helps SEPTA crackdown on false claims, it can also be helpful for Philadelphia SEPTA accident lawyers to have the footage of the actual accident itself.


Choose an Accident Lawyer Who Has Fought and Won SEPTA Accident Cases

Stuart Carpey is a top-rated accident attorney in Philadelphia and surrounding counties that have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you regain your quality of life after a bus accident. After an accident, you need someone on your side who can make absolutely certain that your rights are being protected and who knows how to navigate the many complications of the law.

Stuart Carpey is regarded as a trusted accident lawyer in the greater Philadelphia area because of his reputation, winning record, and attention towards his clients. If you want to pursue your claim fast, contact Carpey Law. Book a consultation with Stuart to get a free detailed analysis of your case, legal advice, compensation evaluation, and possible outcomes regarding your case.