PA Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

What is PA’s Dog Bite Law?

In Pennsylvania, if a dog bites someone,  the owner of the dog is liable regardless of the behavioral history of the animal.  Therefore, under Pennsylvania law, the victim of a dog bite can be compensated by the owner for the injuries sustained as well as medical expenses accrued from the injury, as well as wage loss. 

Should you Get a Lawyer for a Dog Bite Injury?

Compensation issues such as pain and suffering require the dog bite victim to prove the animal’s owner was negligent. Two key elements in proving negligence are:

  • The dog owner’s failure to control the animal properly or safely.
  • The owner had prior knowledge of the animal’s dangerous propensity towards aggressive or other vicious behaviors.

Working with a dog bite lawyer is essential in these cases. Legal representation will help you:

  • Investigate the case
  • Understand your options
  • File necessary documentation in a timely manner
  • Locate the animal’s owner
  • Research the animal’s behavioral history
  • Collect and process the evidence
  • Locate and negotiate a settlement with the dog owner’s insurance company
  • File suit in your case against the dog owner if the case does not settle
  • Try the case against the dog owner

Litigating dog bite cases can be difficult to navigate. The team at Carpey Law can get you the compensation you deserve.

Stuart Carpey, Personal Injury Attorney Pennsylvania

What kind of Lawyer Defends Dog Bite Injury Victims?

If you or a loved one has been the unfortunate victim of a dog bite, seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Stuart Carpey is an expert in dog bite injury cases and will use his experience to ensure your case receives the utmost attention.

What to do if you have been bitten by a dog?

If you have been bitten by a dog, there are several critical steps that should be followed to assist you in receiving the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

  1. Seek medical treatment
  2. Identify the animal, the owner, and any witnesses if possible.
  3. File a dog bite report to Animal Control. This is a mandatory document that is required if you are medically treated for a dog bite.
  4. Document your injuries. Photographs and videos of all injuries and damages are critical pieces of evidence for your case, including photos of the scarring over time as the scar changes.
  5. Seek legal counsel. In cases such as dog bites there is a two year statute of limitations, so prompt attention is important to recover potential damages.

What Are Common Injuries Caused By Dog Bites?

Common injuries that require medical attention after a dog bite can be classified into four categories.

  • Infections
  • Physical wounds
  • Psychological injuries
  • Disfigurement

As an experienced dog bite lawyer, Stuart Carpey works with medical experts to evaluate the potential damages and help you receive your rightful compensation for your injuries.

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How to Determine If You have a Personal Injury Case as a Dog Bite Victim?

In Pennsylvania, the victim of a dog bite could have a personal injury case. If a dog knocks you down, causing injury, that is also classified as a personal injury case. The dog owner is liable for the actions of their animal. Contact Stuart Carpey, your expert dog bite attorney, to receive the best possible support for your case.

Which Party is Liable in a Dog Bite Victim Claim?

The liability for a dog bite claim falls on the dog owner. The animal’s owner is responsible for paying all injuries and damages sustained by the person who has been bitten. Dog bite lawsuits can be filed against other parties in certain situations as well. Dog trainers could also be held negligent, as well as landlords and property owners whose tenants’ dogs are responsible for injury. Landlords can be held liable in dog bite claims in these certain instances:

dog owner
  • The landlord allowed a “dangerous” dog onto their property.
  • The landlord had knowledge of a “dangerous” animal on their premises and failed to take action to remove it.
  • The landlord specially cared for the animal or was in control of it when the attack occurred.

Carpey Law can assist you in filing a dog bite claim against all negligent parties.

How Do I Receive Compensation For My Dog Bite Injuries?

As for compensation for injuries, victims can receive compensation for medical expenses. Common medical expenses include surgery, therapy, and recovery costs. These benefits are considered economic damages.

Pain and suffering, psychological trauma, and permanent scarring or disability are also compensable.