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Stuart Carpey of Carpey Law is a trustworthy personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia who has been on the accident victim’s side since 1987. He is dedicated to helping accident victims and their families by protecting their rights when their injury was the result of carelessness, negligence, or recklessness. We have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases in Philadelphia involving: car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall, work injuries, long-term disability cases, insurance litigation, and medical malpractice.

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Our Personal Injury Law Firm in Philadelphia has a wealth of experience and know-how in representing our clients. We help clients, seeking compensation for personal injuries, work through the many legal hurdles that corporate defendants and insurance companies present, from the beginning of the case, through trial, and appeal. If you’re in need of a Personal Injury lawyer, we recommend that you pursue your claim as soon after your incident as possible.

Common Philadelphia Personal Injury FAQs

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Thank you for the way you worked on my case, and thanks to your staff. I prayed from the beginning that you would be able to help me and you did. I know this was a difficult case, and I also know that I got the right lawyer in you. Thank you.

E. Walker

“From Day One, I Felt At Ease With Mr. Carpey”

Recoverable Damages In A Personal Injury Case

If I am in an Accident, What Should I do with my Medical Bills?

In a car accident case, your doctors should send their medical bills to your car insurance company. In Pennsylvania, your own car insurance company pays your medical benefits up to the amount of medical benefits coverage that you purchased, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. In an accident where you fell on someone’s property and sustained injuries, your medical providers should submit their bills to your health insurance carrier. In a work-related injury, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier pays your medical bills. If we represent you, we take care of making sure that all the bills are correctly submitted to the proper insurance company.

Can I Get Money Back for Prescriptions that I’ve Paid?

Yes. Payment for prescription medicine and devices are reimbursed directly to you if you’ve paid the pharmacy directly. The bills get submitted to your own insurance company and they will issue a check to you for reimbursement.

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A good personal injury attorney in Philadelphia will offer you sound legal counsel following your emotional, physical, or financial loss. If the harm done to you was the result of someone else’s intent or negligence you should seek compensation at once. Remember not to wait too long to speak with a personal injury attorney as some cases lose their strength as time passes. The best way to ensure that you will recover everything you deserve for your pain and suffering is to move forward with your injury case process as soon as possible. So make an appointment to speak with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney immediately.

Our reputation for success and unmatched attention to the needs of our clients has made Stuart Carpey one of the most trusted Personal Injury lawyers in the greater Philadelphia area. Contact Stuart Carpey today for a complimentary consultation in which he will examine your case in detail and advise you on how to proceed and ultimately recover the compensation you deserve!