The Pennsylvania Accident Victim’s Guide To Settling Your Car Accident Case With The Insurance Company

This book discusses how to go about handling and settling a personal injury case with an insurance company. Some smaller personal injury cases can, in fact, be resolved without the help of an attorney. Stuart A. Carpey discusses what type of cases might fit into that category, and provides guidance in how to go about the process. There are risks, however, in trying to deal with the insurance company without an attorney, and those risks are thoroughly discussed in this book. This book also provides the reader with the step by step series of actions that must be taken to successfully collect the evidence needed to preserve evidence in the personal injury case and to prove injuries, the steps needed to present the case to the insurance company, the basic steps entailed in the negotiation process, as well as when an attorney is required to assist in your case, and why. Stuart A. Carpey has been protecting the rights of injured people for more than twenty years. He is the lead attorney at Carpey Law, with offices in Plymouth Meeting and Philadelphia. Get a copy of our free law book mailed to your address or call 1-610-834-6030 to request your copy of Purchasing Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania.