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This list is of course not a complete list of all settlement and verdicts we have obtained on behalf of our clients. In addition, sometimes the settlements or verdicts we obtain are lower than we had anticipated they would be. Sometimes they are higher than we would have expected. This could be for a variety of factors. There are various unknown factors that will undoubtedly affect a personal injury case at trial and throughout the settlement negotiations.Those unknowns could work in our client’s favor, or could work to our client’s disadvantage.For instance, our witnesses may be more credible than the defendant’s witnesses, or vice versa. Remember that each case is different. The results in your case will depend on the individual facts of your particular case.

$1.125 Million Dollar Settlement in Long-Term Disability Case

When our client became totally disabled, he applied for the allowable benefits pursuant to the terms of his total disability insurance policy, and monthly benefits were paid to our client for several years. Then the checks stopped coming. Carpey Law took on the case and sued the disability insurance company, demanding past due benefits, future benefits, attorney’s fees and legal expenses. This case settled for $1,125,000.


$800,000 Verdict for OR Nurse in Car Crash

Carpey Law represented an operating room nurse who was rear-ended by another driver. She sustained serious injuries, including a herniated disc requiring surgical repair, and was disabled form work for an extensive period of time. Liability was not in dispute, however, damages and causation were heavily contested.


$500,000 Settlement for Septa Bus Driver’s Injuries in Accident

Our client was working as a bus driver for SEPTA on the morning of her accident. An out of control vehicle struck the bus she was operating at a high rate of speed as the bus was stopped in traffic on a highway in Philadelphia. Our client sustained cervical and lumbar injuries requiring surgical repair. This liability case settled for $500,000, separate and apart from the worker’s compensation case.


Client Struck by ATV Suffers Compartment Syndrome to Leg

A 4-wheel ATV struck our client, pinning him between the ATV and a truck. Our client suffered very serious injuries to his leg, requiring two surgeries to treat compartment syndrome. Compartment syndrome is a painful condition that occurs when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels. This pressure can decrease blood flow, which prevents nourishment and oxygen from reaching nerve and muscle cells. Surgery (fasciotomy) is the only treatment for acute compartment syndrome. The muscle compartment is cut open to allow muscle tissue to swell, decrease pressure and restore blood flow. This case settled for $455,000.


$430,000 Settlement for Philadelphia Slip and Fall Victim

One of our clients slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk in front of an apartment complex while walking her children to the bus stop. As a result, she broke her arm, requiring surgery. After obtaining maintenance records from the apartment complex, we were able to prove that the apartment complex employees had not salted the area where our client fell, despite what their insurance company was saying all along. We are proud to announce that we were able to obtain a very successful settlement for our client, just prior to trial, which will enable our client to get back on her feet. .

$400,000 Settlement for Front Seat Passenger Struck
by Vehicle Making Left Turn

Our client was the front seat passenger in a vehicle that was struck in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The other driver was making a left turn and he pulled out in front of the vehicle our client was in. Our client’s vehicle spun as a result of the impact and struck another stationary vehicle which was stopped at the red light. She had to be removed from the vehicle in which she was riding by the “jaws of life.” She was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was admitted. Her injuries included a left scalp laceration/open wound requiring multiple staples and a displaced right fracture acetabulum (hip socket). She was subsequently admitted to a rehabilitation hospital for approximately one month.


Delivery Man Injured When Garage Door Falls on His Neck

Our client was working as a truck driver delivering products for his employer to a warehouse in Schuylkill County when a heavy garage door fell onto his neck and shoulders. He had to have surgery due to his injuries and subsequently was out of work for some time. This case settled for $380,000. Our client was also able to obtain worker’s compensation benefits.


$270,000 Settlement for Bus Driver Rear-Ended by Tractor Trailer

Our client was a school bus driver on her way to pick up students when she was rear-ended by a tractor trailer. Our client sustained a shoulder injury, among other injuries, which required surgical repair. It was a long road to recovery for our client and the insurance company for the company who owned the tractor trailer was ready to fight. After filing suit and conducting extensive litigation, Mr. Carpey was able to secure a settlement on behalf our client in the amount of $270,000.


Uninsured Motorist Arbitration

At the time of the accident, our client was a driver in a motor vehicle accident involving an uninsured motorist. He was struck by an uninsured motorist who ran a red light. This occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our client suffered a right rotator cuff tear and was unable to work for two years. Our client was working at the time and was in his employer’s vehicle. A claim was made under our client’s employer’s UM (uninsured motorist) policy and the case was settled for $240,000. Our client’s worker’s compensation matter was resolved separately.


Successful UM Settlement for Motorcyclist Struck by Hit & Run Driver

Our client was riding his motorcycle on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia when he was struck by a hit and run driver, causing him and his motorcycle to fall to the roadway. Local good Samaritans who saw the accident stuck around to make sure our client was alright and to provide as much information as they could to Philadelphia police about the other driver. Our client suffered a fractured ankle, requiring surgical repair. Because the other driver fled the scene, Carpey Law pursued an Uninsured Motorist (UM) claim with our client’s own car insurance company, State Farm. Ultimately Mr. Carpey filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client and secured a $170,000 settlement with State Farm. In addition, Mr. Carpey filed a lawsuit against our client’s health insurance carrier for refusing to pay our client’s medical bills.


Verdicts and Settlements: Cases listed represent recent verdict/settlement or difficult liability with successful results.

$850,000 Settlement: Prison Injury Civil Rights/Medical Malpractice Case

$565,000 Settlement by Mediation: Fall Down Case

$500,000 Settlement: Improper Security Case

$500,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$400,000 Verdict: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$400,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$360,000 Settlement by Mediation: Trucking Collision Case

$350,000: Prison Injury Civil Rights Case/Medical Malpractice Case

$300,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case Where Striking Vehicle Fled Scene

$240,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$175,000 Settlement: Police Brutality Civil Rights Case

$175,000 Settlement: Fall Down Case

$175,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case/ Underinsured Motorist Case

$145,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$113,000 Verdict: Premises Liability Case

$112,500 Settlement: Bus Accident Case

$105,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$100,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$100,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$90,000 Settlement: Trucking Accident Case

$80,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$75,000 Settlement: Premises Liability Case

$75,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$68,500 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$65,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$65,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident and Underinsured Motorist Case

$60,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$60,000 Settlement Premises Liability Case

$60,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$65,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$72,500 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$70,000 Settlement: Fall Down Case

$68,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$62,000 Settlement Fall Down Case

$52,500 Settlement: Fall Down Case

$50,000 Settlement: Fall Down Case

$50,000 Settlement: Fall Down Case

$48,000 Settlement: Ambulance Accident Case

$44,000 Settlement: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$35,500 Verdict: Motor Vehicle Accident Case

$30,000: Settlement: Civil Rights Violation Case

$25,000: Settlement: Civil Rights Violation Case

$23,000: Settlement: Injury At Retail Store By Store Security

$18,000 Settlement: Collection-Unpaid Medical Bills

Cases of Interest/Reported Cases

Fitch vs. Independence Blue Cross
Resolution of unpaid medical bill claim for seriously injured client. Independence Blue Cross refused to pay for Occupational Therapy administered by a rehabilitation facility while our client was in serious condition in a non Pennsylvania hospital. Stuart A. Carpey resolved this matter pre-litigation in the administrative appeals process.

Jones vs. Quincy Amusements
Stuart A. Carpey obtained a jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff Jones where he was trampled and beaten in a fight and its aftermath at a night club in Philadelphia. The perpetrators of the actual criminal activity, assault on the Plaintiff, were never located by the police. However, suit was successfully brought against the owners of the club for having inefficient security measures and personnel in place to anticipate the fight, prevent it, or stop it, and to otherwise protect the Plaintiff.

Robinson vs. City of Philadelphia
In this case, Stuart A. Carpey represented an individual who was forced off of a roof at his home by Philadelphia police officers and when he landed on the ground he broke his heel bone and required surgery to repair it. Mr Carpey was able to prove that the entry into Robinson’s home was unlawful. The police essentially forced Robinson onto the roof, and then he fell off the roof when one of the officers was trying to grab him.No arrest was made by the police. Although the facts were vehemently disputed by the City of Philadelphia, the City settled before trial for $175,000.

This appellate case handled by Stuart A. Carpey changed the law in Pennsylvania to improve the rights of Pennsylvania car accident victims. The case stands for the proposition that in specific situations car accident victims can “stack” their medical coverage in order to get their medical bills paid.

Recovery in Motor Vehicle Accident
Stuart A. Carpey secured a $240,000 settlement for a 73 year old woman who was in a car accident in Montgomery County. She was sideswiped by another vehicle traveling in the same direction, forcing the Plaintiff vehicle into a guardrail. The plaintiff had a previous knee replacement, and as a result of the collision, a revision, or second knee replacement was required because the impact caused the original keen replacement to become loosened.

Recovery in Underinsured Motorist Case

Stuart A. Carpey won a settlement of $175,000 in a car accident case involving shoulder surgery to his client where the at fault driver did not carry sufficient insurance coverage and an underinsured motorist claim was therefor made against the plaintiff’s employer’s auto insurance.

Jury Verdict Delaware County: Edwards vs. Able Group, Inc.

Stuart A. Carpey won a favorable jury verdict on behalf of his client where an overhead door stop was improperly installed and fell onto the plaintiff’s head.

Jury Verdict Delaware County: Alexander vs. Allison

Stuart A. Carpey won a favorable jury verdict in a car accident case where the plaintiff sustained neck and back injuries.

Verdict Philadelphia County: Clark v. Vargas
Stuart A. Carpey won a verdict in the amount of $113,000 for his client who lost the tip of which was traumatically amputated when a door closed on her finger at a grocery store.

Property Damage Settlement Against Wagman Construction Corp.

Although not an area that we generally venture into, Carpey Law was able to secure a $10,000 settlement on behalf of a client who had lease her property, a condominium unit,  to a construction company who had rented it for one of their foremen near a bridge construction site. The foreman was a smoker, and in violation of the lease, smoked in the condo unit, resulting in smoke damage that had permeated the walls and carpeting. We settled the case on behalf of the client for $10,000, which was the cost of the remediation, as well as the cost of replacement of carpeting and painting.

Commercial Litigation Matter Settled for a Confidential Amount

Stuart A. Carpey was able to secure a settlement for a confidential, undisclosed amount after a year of litigation for a client who was not paid by a contractor. Our client owned a computer installation business. In the end, the client recouped all of his losses under the contract.

Mediation Results in Settlement in House Explosion Case

Stuart A. Carpey was able to secure a confidential settlement after a mediation lasting several weeks, stemming from a house explosion where our client was injured. Our client sustained a severe low back injury. Multiple defendants were sued and contributed to the settlement.

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