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Injuries can happen quickly and can be life-changing. The healing process, both physically and emotionally, can take time. As a professional Personal Injury Lawyer, we can help you receive compensation for your injuries and medical expenses. Our mission at Carpey Law is to maximize the financial outcome of your case because of the injuries you’ve suffered at the hands of someone else. Stuart A. Carpey has been the voice of Pennsylvania accident victims since 1987. He has over thirty years of experience and is a top-rated, award-winning, nationally known personal injury attorney with offices in Philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting. No matter the type of accident involved, or the types of injuries sustained, we are here to help you.

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Car Accident

The sound of screeching tires and crunching metal is something no one ever wants to hear.

After a car accident, you may be left in shock. The shock can turn to worry over medical bills, lost wages, car repairs, and other headaches. Recovery after a car accident can be hard. It may be difficult to go about your normal daily life as you used to, making everything from grocery shopping to picking up your children painful. The good news is that we can help bear some of this burden.

Slip and Fall

One moment you’re walking along and the next, your life gets turned upside down.

Nobody expects to become a victim of a slip and fall accident. If you are a victim of a slip and fall, you may encounter a number of financial and physical challenges, such as unpaid doctors’ bills, ongoing medical care and even permanent disability. You may find yourself unable to work or complete work-related responsibilities safely. Never settle for less than you deserve. Get repaid in full for your damages, both physical and emotional.

Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence caused by a doctor or hospital can be a life-changing event.

Many of these mistakes are made by the same bad doctors who are repeat offenders. A doctor’s negligence can leave you with costly medical bills, loss of income, long-term care questions, as well as pain and suffering and emotional distress for you and your family. Has a medical professional caused a permanent injury to you or your family member?

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in PA

I’ve been involved in an accident. I’m hurt. I’ve got medical bills. I need more medical care. I don’t know which kind of doctor to see for my injuries. I can’t work. Do I need a personal injury lawyer? Where do I begin searching for a personal injury lawyer?

Making the decision on whether to hire a personal injury attorney and which lawyer to hire, can be stressful. There are so many things to consider after an accident if you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence. The countless tasks involved are time-consuming, and the challenges, emotions, and legal issues that accompany the unfamiliar process of what to do following an accident only serve to compound the stress necessary to recover from personal injuries. In a car accident case, for instance, just getting your car repaired and having the insurance company pay for that and reimburse you for a rental car can take many hours on the phone.

While there is not a single person or organization that can assist with everything, the right accident lawyer can help. Getting the best advice possible to start the process can make all the difference. All consumers have access to information on the internet, as well as other information and sources that can be used to narrow the search in hiring a personal injury lawyer. But, there is a systematic way by which you can start getting answers to your questions.

Stuart A. Carpey in Office

Questions to Ask Your Prospective Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Can he/she provide you with a sample fee agreement and explain how it works?
  • Can he/she provide a written explanation of the steps involved in a personal injury case in PA?
  • Can he/she provide you with a professional biography that outlines how the lawyer and the other lawyers at the firm have been handling personal injury matters?
  • What professional affiliations do they have?

How Stuart Carpey Handles Personal Injury Cases

Our firm’s lead attorney Stuart A. Carpey has many unique approaches to his work, all of which have contributed to Carpey Law’s continued success. One of Stuart’s valued approaches to his work is to keep an open line of communication between his office and his clients. Stuart believes it is important that clients know the process of their personal injury case, both in the claims and litigation stages. Many lawyers don’t explain the case process from beginning to end, and Stuart disagrees with that approach. If a client doesn’t know how a case works, or if a client isn’t sure about the status of their case, he or she can be left feeling lost or confused. The Carpey Law Advantage ensures that a client will feel confident that they have placed their case in capable hands.

  • I Tell It Like It Is – I will always provide an honest assessment of the case with its strengths and weaknesses. If the odds of winning the case are high, I want you to know that from the beginning. By the same token, if you have a difficult case, you should know that too.
  • I Go To Trial For My Clients – Many lawyers never try a case. I try cases – not all of my cases, but many. In truth, most cases (of all types and including personal injury cases) settle sometime before trial because both sides ultimately realize their risks. But it is my belief that to be a competent Plymouth Meeting personal injury attorney, you must try cases and you must handle a case from the beginning as if it is going to be tried.
  • My Practice Is Dedicated To Injury & Accident Victims – All of the cases I handle are to help people get compensated after they have suffered an injury as a result of negligent conduct by somebody else or by some other company. I work with my staff to solve your legal problems, every day. I am able to leverage the experience I have in the law, and particularly in personal injury law, on behalf of my clients.
  • I Provide Information & Legal Advice So My Clients Can Be Part Of The Decision-Making Process – I strongly believe that it is my job to provide information and advice. I don’t just tell my clients what to do. Rather, I provide sound advice based on knowledge and experience. That does not mean I don’t give clients my strong opinion – I do. But I have always felt that my client has to be part of the process.In this fast-paced, paper-heavy business, clients can be left in the dark unless their lawyer communicates to them about their case. That’s why Stuart A. Carpey writes blogs, books, and monthly newsletters to help keep his clients feeling comfortable with the process of their lawsuit. That is a vital aspect of the Carpey Law Advantage.

Stuart in the Community

Stuart Carpey and Carpey Law are proud supporters of community projects in Philadelphia, surrounding counties, and throughout Pennsylvania. Carpey Law takes pride in being a proud supporter of the Greater Philadelphia community through legal, educational and charitable organizations and endeavors. We truly care about the community we live and work in and have seen firsthand the value of giving back.