Tips for Pedestrain When There Aren’t Crosswalks

By David Miller

Crossing the street today is very dangerous due to many people not paying attention to traffic laws or people walking. Some precautions need to be taken when crossing the street as well as when there are no crosswalks.

When someone is crossing the street they need to know it is safe for them to cross. Just like when we were kids and our mom’s would tell us to look both ways before crossing the street. This is one precaution everyone needs to take when crossing the street in general. Believe it or not a lot of drivers speed through intersections so they do not have to wait at a red light. It seems stupid to do this but a lot of drivers do and sooner or later will pay for it. Not all drivers do this but the drivers that do are doing more harm than good.

When there are no crosswalks is where it’s even worse for pedestrians to walk. A lot of drivers believe at times a pedestrian does not have the right away when crossing the street or they just do not pay attention. Either one does not end well for a person crossing the street where there is not a crosswalk. People should not even cross where there is not a crosswalk unless it is safe enough to do so. A precaution for this is to make sure there are no cars going either way a person would like to walk. There can also be an alternate route to their destination in which they can try doing which would make it a lot easier on themselves. They would not have to worry about a car hitting them while they cross the street. The biggest concern would be the smaller children more than the common adult or teen.

The biggest problem is the little kids with their parents that pose the most dangerous situations to come up. A child from age’s five to eleven does not know better to now walk when there is oncoming traffic. This has to do with the irresponsible adult in the presence of the child but still it is dangerous to walk with a child and not have an eye on them. A precaution so a child is safe when walking across a crosswalk would be having a harness or “leash” on the child to keep them from running or walking into the street. It may sound inhumane but it will save the child’s life when it comes to it. There is always the choice of not bringing the child with them unless they cannot leave them at home.

Walking across the street could be very dangerous but when the right precautions are taken is not as dangerous as one might think. There are many factors when dealing with walking on a crosswalk that people do not take into consideration. They probably do not even apply to them but should still think about them when they are driving. Life is a sacred gift given to us to enjoy and not throw away because of some silly mistake we made.