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Stuart A. Carpey is the founder, CEO, and lead attorney at Carpey Law. He has been practicing law since 1987 and is an expert in Pennsylvania personal injury law. Carpey Law is a client-focused law firm where the goal is to help our clients through the process of the personal injury case and to assist them in making important financial decisions in their legal matters.

Tiffany Sonnentag - legal Assistant at Carpey Law

Tiffany Sonnentag is Stuart Carpey’s Legal Assistant and Director of Marketing

Laura Carpey: Chief Financial Officer at Carpey Law

Laura Carpey is the Chief Financial Officer at Carpey Law. She also creates the delicious recipes that appear in the Carpey Law newsletter each month. Click here to request a free copy of her cookbook!

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Our reputation for success and unmatched attention to the needs of our clients has made Stuart Carpey one of the most trusted Personal Injury lawyers in the greater Philadelphia area. If you’re in need of a Personal Injury lawyer, we recommend that you pursue your claim as soon after your incident as possible. Contact Stuart Carpey today for a complimentary consultation in which he will examine your case in detail and advise you on how to proceed and ultimately recover the compensation you deserve!