Personal Injury Attorneys on Full Tort Insurance

Philadelphia personal injury attorneyBy law, Pennsylvania drivers are required to have “financial responsibility” when it comes to carrying auto insurance. All this means is that drivers have to have the minimum legal requirements on their policy, which isn’t very much and does not provide much protection in the event of an accident.

One major decision is whether to purchase full tort or limited tort coverage. The potential losses in the aftermath of a car accident should cause drivers to think twice before choosing a policy with limited tort.

The difference between full tort and limited tort is that with full tort, you have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering in the aftermath of a vehicle accident in which you’ve been injured and are not at fault. With limited tort – as any Philadelphia personal injury attorney will tell you – you have very little chance of getting compensation for your injuries after an accident. What’s more, the premium savings between full tort coverage and limited tort coverage is only about $150 per year depending on the carrier.

If the person purchasing auto insurance isn’t able to see the “big picture,” the result down the line can be devastating. Philadelphia personal injury attorneys are limited in how they can help an injured driver recover damages and expenses incurred because of the accident if the driver/owner of the car (or his family member who insured the car) carries only limited tort.

Often, less insurance is not a good choice.

Insurance agents are qualified to explain the details of auto insurance policies in Pennsylvania, but they usually don’t. The consumer must be aware when purchasing a policy that buying limited tort is not a good choice.

In summary, when purchasing auto insurance, drivers must think ahead to the potential devastation that can result from carrying limited tort insurance. With full tort, they have full access to the court system should they (or their family members) be injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Stuart A. Carpey is a Philadelphia personal injury attorney. He has written several books on Pennsylvania insurance, personal injury law, and motorcycle safety.