Trip and Fall Accidents in Pa

In the decade from 1995 to 2005, Johns Hopkins reported a nearly 40 percent increase in cases of trip and fall accidents in the U.S. And while concrete statistics on trip and fall accidents are hard to come by, it is not unreasonable to say that these numbers have remained consistent in recent years, and may have even increased.

On the whole, serious trip and fall accidents occur among older men and women. For both genders, individuals most prone to injuries related to falling are often aged 45 and older. The likelihood of suffering a fall down injury — as well as the severity of that injury — also greatly increases once a man or woman reaches 65.

Trip and Fall Accidents in Pennsylvania: Injuries, Causes

Trip and fall accidents can lead to a number of serious injuries; most commonly, they lead to fractures like arm fractures, leg fractures, hip fractures, and wrist fractures. They can also lead to traumatic head injuries and knee injuries. The older the individual involved in the accident, the more likely one of these injuries will occur.

Since it is possible to fall down pretty much anywhere, a person always runs the risks of injuring him or herself in a trip and fall accident. There are, however, certain settings in which these accidents most often occur. For instance, research shows that trip and fall accidents happen most often in a home, either one’s own home or someone else’s. For this reason, it is a good idea to trip-proof your home as well as you can. Remove objects and wires from paths and keep hallways and rooms well-lit.

Tripping and Falling in the Community

These accidents can happen in business establishments of any type or size, including restaurants, malls, and hotels. Things to look out for when walking in public are areas with insufficient lighting, wet floor signs, sidewalks or stairs in disrepair, as well as stairways lacking proper railings.

Trip and Fall Accidents / Premises Liability Lawsuits

Trip and fall accidents happen all the time, and they aren’t all the fault of someone else’s negligence. In a premises liability lawsuit, it is necessary to prove that your injuries were the result of a property owner’s neglect. To do so, your attorney will have to prove that the aspect of the property on which the accident occurred was flawed. Or, put another way, that there was a defect on the property. Your attorney will also have to prove that the accident occurring in the location was foreseeable; namely that the property owner knew or should have known through reasonable inspections of the defect which ultimately caused injury. Your attorney will also have to investigate whether or not the property owner attempted to repair this deficiency or if the problem was ignored.

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