Top 10 motorcycle accident injury mistakes

As experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Philadelphia, we’ve seen it all. Safe riding doesn’t always happen. Clients who have been injured in motorcycle crashes typically need professional legal representation, usually due to the extent of the injuries sustained, but they also need to know these 10 mistakes that can lead to accidents. As obvious as they are, these rules are still often violated by bikers and drivers of cars/trucks/ busses as well.

Driving too fast
Speeding results in numerous motorcycle accidents. The old saying, “There’s no place you’re going where getting there fast is more important than your life” is true.

Driving recklessly on wet or icy roads
A motorcycle has much less secure handling than a car when it’s being ridden on rain-soaked, snowy or icy roads. The old saying above applies here, too. Motorcyclists must slow down in bad weather.

Failing to use turn signals
Turn signals are installed on motorcycles for a reason: so other motorists will know what you’re preparing to do. Motorcycle accident attorneys in Philadelphia know it’s other drivers’ responsibility to see your signals, but it’s yours to use them.

Not paying attention to what’s happening in the vicinity
When motorcyclists spend lengths of time looking only at the road ahead, they miss many other things happening to their sides and to the rear that could lead to a bad accident.

Running red lights
There’s a very good reason for very expensive tickets for this offense: it’s extremely dangerous. A motorcycle accident attorney in Philadelphia can tell you of horrible injuries that have happened to red-light runners.

Road rage
Anger causes people to lose their normal good judgment. Motorcyclists who allow other drivers to upset them quickly become a danger to themselves and to fellow motorists, because bad judgment can lead to an accident.

Driving while impaired
The severe penalties imposed on those convicted of driving while impaired by alcohol, drugs or other substances should tell motorcyclists that an impaired person should not operate a motor vehicle. The number of accidents and fatalities caused by impaired driving is huge.

Driving while too tired
Sleepy people cause many accidents because, like with a road-rager, their judgment is off, plus their reaction time is slower than normal. Best to stay at home and take a nap to wake up rather than waking up after being hit by a car.

This is dangerous and aggressive driving, and very unintelligent for a motorcyclist, who has little protection if he or she runs into the back of a vehicle that stops short.

General distractedness
Being distracted for any reason can lead to a motorcycle accident. When drivers’ minds are not on driving and the road conditions surrounding them, trouble can easily happen.