The Many Causes and Forms of Heavy Truck Accidents

Heavy truck accidents happen at high rates all over the U.S., including in Pennsylvania. There are a ton of ways that a wreck involving a heavy truck can occur, and it is good for all drivers to remain aware of all possible accidents. Fact is, a career truck driver is sometimes concerned with getting to the next job, no matter how fast or how long he/she has to drive to get there. Sometimes, this approach can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Heavy Truck Accidents — What Happens?

Sometimes these accidents simply the product of a trucker speeding and, due to the weight of the truck, being unable to maneuver in time to avoid a collision. On average, this scenario plays out about 33,000 times a year, and, unfortunately, these accidents frequently result in the death of one or more people. But speeding is not the only cause of accidents involving heavy trucks

Fatigue is also one of the leading culprits in heavy truck accidents. Some truck drivers are very focused — even too focused — on getting to their destination that they choose not to rest as often as they should. Perhaps its driving through the night, relying on coffee and other supplements to stay alert. But this approach will inevitably lead to fatigue, and for a driver a semi-truck to be in any way fatigued is putting many lives in danger. The effects of such practice can unpredictable, but almost certainly injurious.

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The Tractor Trailer Malfunction

Another common form of heavy truck accident involves the tractor trailer which is being towed by the truck. Despite their immense size, tractor trailers are delicate things that can fishtail, jackknife, or come unhitched if not properly towed or secured. Countless accidents occur in the U.S. due to a truck driver failing to control his or her tractor trailer — the trailer goes off course and swipes at cars in surrounding lanes or comes loose entirely and careens off the road. Cases of such an accident can involve multiple vehicles, injuries, and fatalities.

Be Careful Around Heavy Trucks

A heavy truck accident can happen due to a truck driver’s negligence, yes, but plenty of heavy truck accidents are also caused by the drivers of smaller cars. It is important to drive as safely as you can when in the vicinity of a heavy truck. All of the above mentioned mistakes could just as easily be committed by the driver a small passenger vehicle. And if a truck driver has to react to the mistake of the driver of a small car, a catastrophic accident can just easily occur. Always be safe when driving near large commercial trucks.