Neck Pain: Injuries Occurring to The Spine

There are a slew of injuries that can affect your cervical spine following an accident in Pennsylvania. The cervical spine, which makes up the neck, is a delicate part of the human anatomy, and an injury to the cervical spine can result in great pain and disability. If you are experiencing neck pain after having been involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or fall down accident, the following are some of the most common injuries to the cervical spine. Some of these terms are used by medical providers following accidents; some are terms used by medical providers in sports related injuries.

Cervical Strain

This is an injury which affects the muscles and ligaments (also called the “soft tissues”) of the neck, often involving injury to the disks. This injury is also more commonly known as whiplash injury. Fortunately, this injury often does not harm the spinal cord, and, for this reason, can typically see a full recovery. The best way to recover from cervical strain is to get plenty of rest, not overexerting yourself. For more information on cervical strain, or whiplash injury, see this page.

Transient Quadriparesis

This injury is also referred to as “spinal cord concussion” and often results in loss of feeling in the limbs. There might also be a loss of movement in the limbs. Occasionally, the hands of the injured will feel like they are slightly burning. In most cases, the injury will pass within a day or two; however, depending on the nature of the accident, the injury could have serious consequences, including quadriplegia.


This injury involves compression of the spinal nerves, or even the brachial plexus. One of the signs that a stinger injury has occurred is that the injured will often feel a persistent burning pain. This symptom has caused the injury to also be called a “burner”. The first occurrence of a stinger injury can pass quickly. However, repeat injuries can have severe results, including continuous motor weakness.

If you believe you have sustained a cervical injury due to a motor vehicle accident or fall down accident in Pennsylvania, you should seek a medical evaluation at once. When it comes to the neck, it is better to be safe than sorry.  For more information on spinal cord injuries see this article which is also found on the Carpey Law website.