Lacerations and Abrasions — Can Result in Emergency Room Visits

Cuts are not always the most serious but are of the most common injuries to result from personal injury accidents like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and construction accidents. Although many cuts are minor and do not require medical attention, serious lacerations, abrasions, or puncture wounds could lead to complications if not properly treated. The following is some information on the types of cuts which may need an emergency room visit.


A laceration is a more serious form of cut which involves a tearing of the skin, often due to a blunt force such as can be associated with car accidents and slip-and-fall injuries. Severe lacerations can be painful and will require stitches to adequately repair. These cuts could sever your tendons or nerves, leading to blood loss and scarring.


Abrasions are scrapes or grazes that, although not affecting the skin beneath the epidermis, can lead to scarring. These cuts come as the result of rubbing against a rough surface, something which can occur in a car accident or motorcycle accident. Extreme cases of abrasions are known as avulsions: these are cuts that result in the skin being torn from the body, revealing subcutaneous tissues or muscle.

Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds can come, for example, as a result of stepping on a nail, being bitten by a dog or other animal. These wounds are also associated with car accidents and construction accidents. Puncture wounds do not always bleed but can still be plenty harmful if the wound becomes infected. Whether bleeding or not, if the wound is deep enough and is causing pain, seek medical attention.

Cuts that require stitches should be repaired within 6 hours following the injury, or the victim risks the possibility of experiencing more health complications. If you cannot stop the bleeding, you must see a doctor. If you have sustained lacerations, abrasions, or puncture wounds as a result of a motor vehicle accident or construction accident, you may have also have suffered a separate injury. Please see the Personal Injury Law Articles page on this site for relevant information regarding Pennsylvania injuries.