Burn Injury and Laceration Injury From Accidents

They may be considered minor injuries when compared to Traumatic Brain Injuries or leg fractures, but burns and lacerations are painful injuries which can pose serious health risks if not properly treated by medical professionals.

Burn Injury in Pennsylvania

Burns in particular are problematic as some require little to no treatment while others require very careful treatment. Burns can occur in an array of situations.

Some of the most common burns to occur in a Pennsylvania accident are electrical burns (being shocked by, for example, exposed wires), thermal burns (coming into contact with fire), and inhalation burns (breathing in fire or smoke).

There are three degrees of burn injury, each worse than the last.

1st Degree Burns.

These are surface burns which can be easily treated and may not require any doctor attention. A first-degree burn only harms the very top layer of skin.

2nd Degree Burns.

This burn is a bit more painful and harmful to your body than a first-degree burn. Second-degree burns is harmful to the top two layers of skin. This type of burn may require doctor attention to ensure that the injured will properly heal. A 2nd degree burn is also known as a partial-thickness burn.

3rd Degree Burns.

These are very painful, very harmful burns. They often burn every layer of skin and often necessitate the use of skin grafts to ensure proper healing. Suffering a third-degree burn calls for immediate medical attention. A 3rd degree burn is also called a full-thickness burn.

Cut Injury in Pennsylvania

Abrasions and lacerations, in their simplest terms, are cuts. The seriousness of a abrasions and lacerations largely depend on how deep the cuts are.


These cuts are the most easy to recover from. They amount to a scraping of the top layer of skin. A scraped knee is a kind of abrasion. But abrasions can come in more traumatic forms if occurring, for example, as the result of a car accident. The need for medical attention depends on the size and severity of the abrasion. If you’ve been injured, use your best judgment.


These are one the worst forms of cuts, along with gashes and avulsions. When a laceration occurs, the skin has been torn. This is most often caused by a traumatic event, such as a car accident or fall down accident. More serious lacerations will typically require stitches in order to heal properly.

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