Personal Injury Lawyers and Curbside Bus Companies

Most people don’t think too much about that “curbside bus” that comes around, but this kind of transportation is a thriving industry that gets nearly the same traffic as commercial airlines each year. While most people think of these buses as city buses, private companies operate these curbside buses in most cases. In the event of an accident, some of these companies attempt to avoid taking responsibility for damage that they cause.

Causes of the Danger
It would be nice to take it for granted that anyone hired as a bus driver for a curbside bus would be qualified and in good health, but that’s not the case. Some companies skirt around the commercial driver’s license requirement by using substandard rubber-stamp schools and offices, or even lying about the status of their drivers. They also can give the drivers too many hours and cause fatigue, which endangers everyone on the bus and outside it. Even the bus could be the culprit, since owners and operators cut costs by eschewing maintenance.

What can an accident lawyer in Philadelphia do if you’ve suffered a curbside bus related injury? Many curbside carriers have only the bare minimum insurance, and this is far less than the actual damages incurred in a crash. Even worse, there aren’t enough insurance inspectors and regulators to keep tabs on all of these companies, so it’s easy for them to shut down operations as one company, repaint their buses, and resume operations as a “new” curbside bus carrier.

Identify the Primary Operator
Given the games these curbside bus carriers play, you would do well to find an accident lawyer in Philadelphia who’s willing to do a little legwork. In addition to the disappearing and reappearing act they’ll use to avoid federal investigations and hide prior accidents, these companies will use “ghost buses” that are largely painted white and free of any obvious decals. By transferring them between related companies at will, it can make it harder to pinpoint which company is responsible.

At the scene of an accident, getting information is easier said than done. Time is of the essence, as authorities have a limited window to help the accident lawyer in Philadelphia access sensitive information. Even with that information, it’s often inaccurate, making it challenging to pin down who the actual owner or operator is. However, with enough digging, the lawyer should be able to uncover the operator. Since they typically have a minimal insurance policy, the lawyer should search for other culpable parties, including leasing companies, brokers, alter egos, medical and commercial driver licensing companies, and more.

By uncovering these various parties, it’s possible to find individuals and organizations with the resources necessary to cover damages caused by a curbside bus accident. It’s important to note, beforehand, that the accident lawyer in Philadelphia might have some serious investigative work on his hands. Most of these groups deliberately do what they can to make the business profitable, which includes the avoidance of lawsuits. With perseverance and tenacity, though, you can get what you deserved.