Do You Know What a Phantom Vehicle is?

No, a “phantom vehicle” is not a ghost car. At least not when it comes to an auto accident in Pennsylvania. However, even though a phantom car probably isn’t going to be the subject of Stephen King’s next novel, it can still be a scary thing. This kind of phantom can potentially leave you in financial straits, especially if you haven’t purchased the right car insurance. Read on to learn more about the phantom vehicle and how to defend against it.

The Phantom Vehicle Defined

An accident involving a phantom vehicle can be explained as an accident in which a negligent driver causes an accident without a necessarily contacting your car. Often this sort of accident occurs when the “phantom” vehicle is driving erratically and the plaintiff(not at fault driver) must quickly maneuver to stay clear of a collision; the plaintiff then strikes a different vehicle or object. The “phantom” vehicle drives on, remaining unidentified. Alternatively the phantom vehicle can actually strike your vehicle, and flee the scene of the accident.

The issue with an accident involving a phantom vehicle is that there may not be physical evidence that the collision was caused by another driver, who fled the scene. In these kinds of cases an accident reconstructionist may be required to be brought in to verify the plaintiff’s account of the crash.

The plaintiff’s version of events may be buttressed by witnesses who saw the accident, skid marks of the road, and other evidence. For this reason, it is always a good idea to get the names and numbers of anyone present during such an accident. They could be paramount to your accident case.

Protecting Yourself Against a Phantom Car

Purchasing a sufficient amount of uninsured motorist coverage may be your only financial protection in the event of an accident caused by a phantom vehicle. This is exactly what uninsured motorist coverage is designed for. There are some rules about filing these claims — these rules are often dependent on your specific policy. To be sure, it is good to report your accident as soon as possible. For more information, call and speak with an attorney.

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