Damages Available to Personal Injury Claimants

If you decided to file a personal injury claim, there are a number of monetary damages that may be available to you. Depending on the nature of your injury and the extent to which you have suffered, one type of damages you may be able to recover are “medical bills.” This category of damages covers all of the expenses you may incur during the course of being treated for your injury. This list can include anything from doctor and hospital bills to the costs of medication and physical therapy.

Another type of damages to which you may be privileged is “lost wages.” These damages are available when an injury affects your ability to perform your job. If your injury causes you to miss any time from work, you are entitled to recover those lost wages (including overtime).

Aside from medical bills and lost wages, you may also be entitled to recover “out-of-pocket expenses.” As is the case with most personal injury cases, the victim will often be forced to incur unusual expenses as a direct result of their injury. If you have been forced to spend any of your own money in the course of dealing with your injury, you are entitled to recover that expense as long as is considered “reasonably necessary.”

“Emotional distress” is another type of damages available to injured persons. Often, the ramifications of an accident are felt in ways that are deeply personal and emotional. For example, you may experience nightmares, depression, or anxiety as a result of your accident. For these sorts of emotional distress, monetary damages are available.

Just as you may be entitled to compensation for emotional distress, any “pain and suffering” you experience may be compensable. As is the case with any accident, the victim is likely to experience pain and suffering as a result. While the traumatic experience cannot be undone, monetary damages are available to help compensate the victim as best as possible.

If the accident in which you were involved has led to the death of a loved one, “wrongful death” damages may be available to you. Under this category, the amount of damages are determined by a number of factors, including the lost wages of the deceased individual and the loss of companionship suffered by family members.

Yet another type of damages available in the wake of injury is “loss of consortium.” Loss of consortium is a cause of action available to the family members of an injured individual. Generally speaking, it encompasses the deprivation of benefits of a family relationship caused by the injuring party. Monetary damages are available to compensate the family for such losses.

While this least is not exhaustive, it provides a number of the most common damages to which a personal injury claimant may be privileged. If you think that your situation calls for one of these types of damages, be sure to contact a qualified personal injury attorney. In doing so, you may find that you are entitled to recover additional compensation on other grounds.