Caution, take Precaution! by Stephanie Castaneda

The following student essay was submitted as an entry in our scholarship essay contest.  We will be announcing a winner soon.

Caution, take Precaution

By Stephanie Castaneda

“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. In order to change the outcome of the future one must alter one’s decisions today.” In other words one must learn from their mistakes and assume the consequences, in order to proceed with their life. There are certain risks we presume when crossing the street, when professionals such as Doctors perform surgeries, and even when we text and drive.

As a matter of fact when we cross the street we fail to remember the precautions we must take when crossing the streets. We are so used to crossing the street that we act without actually thinking, for example sometimes when we look both left and right and see a car far away we immediately assume that the car we noticed on the opposite street is by far away from our location and therefore act without thinking about the outcome of our actions. We basically forget that the precautions one must consider when crossing the street are just some simple rules that are there to protect us.

We also seem to presume the risk when we come across a situation where we need to get from one street to the other and there are no crosswalks. In certain situations like this the uttermost decision that we can make is to not even cross the street. However, we end up doing the totally opposite and just go for it without even thinking about the consequences of getting run over by a vehicle. What we should consider doing instead of crossing the street is to find another alternative route that would get to our destination that way we would not have to worry about crossing the street and thinking about the things that would have happened if we were to cross the street and not make it before the car gets to where we are.

Walking across the street can be unpredictable, especially, when we were to cross the street where non-going traffic would not give us the right-of-way. We as pedestrians should first and foremost remember to make ourselves be seen by a)   Making eye contact with drivers when crossing the streets. b)   Wear bright colors or reflective clothing when walking near traffic at night. c)   Carry a flashlight when walking in the dark. We should also remember to walk on the sidewalks whenever possible and if there were to be no sidewalks, then walking facing traffic on the edge of the road and as far away from the travel lane as possible is the way to keep ourselves safe from harm. Following these simple rules will hopefully prevent a tragedy from happening.

Morpheus once wrote, “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” Which in other words is interpreted as it is one thing to know the path to take. It is another thing to actually walk that path. What I am trying to say with this quote is you will have to know the code and also act on it. Do not simply assume a car is driving at the correct speed. You also have to understand and act on the thought that you will cross the street before the car can even reach you and finally you have to both know the street you are crossing, as well as act in a manner consistent when crossing the street.