Bike Traffic Lights a Mainstay in US Cities

If you ride a bicycle in Philadelphia or any other densely populated city in the US, you will be glad to know that bicycle traffic signals are being adopted all over the country. In recent years, bicycle ridership has been steadily increasing, which means there are more cyclists competing for room on the road. In response to heightened bicycle traffic – and in an attempt to reduce collisions between cars and bikes – many cities are updating their bicycle ordinances.

Bicycle Laws and Ordinances in Pennsylvania

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Bicycle Traffic Updates by Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

This most recent development for cyclists will behave similarly to the typical traffic signals for cars. A light will flash red, green, or yellow, indicating that a cyclists should stop, go, or slow down. However, no need to worry about being confused; these lights will be discernible from traditional traffic signals. Rather than a circle of color, these new traffic lights will appear in the shape of a bicycle. View the video below to see these lights in action.

These new traffic signals for cyclists will operate just a bit differently than normal signals. As bicycle riders need just a bit more time to slow down or start moving than a proper automobile, the bicycle traffic lights will appear a few seconds earlier and linger a few seconds longer so that riders can respond more easily. Also worth noting is that some of the bike signals will be motion activated, so riders will rarely wait for very long before passing through an intersection.

Where Are These Lights Currently Being Used?

Right now, these bicycle traffic signals are being put to use in about 16 US cities, but more cities are expected to follow as bicycle ridership in the US continues to grow. Some of the cities currently using these signals are:

  • Alexandria

  • Austin

  • Denver

  • Chicago

  • Seattle

  • Washington D.C.

  • San Francisco

  • Minneapolis

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