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January 2014 Personal Injury Newsletter

Carpey Law Newsletters
Download our January 2014 Newsletter!  Here's what is featured in this issue:
  • Winter Driving Safety - Some tips to help you avoid danger on snow and ice (and a personal injury lawsuit!)
  • Stuart's Trivia Game: Your case is coming up for trial, but you do not want to take off of work to appear at trial. You tell your attorney this, but your attorney says you have to appear at trial anyhow. Is your attorney correct? What if the insurance company has made a settlement offer- do you still have to go forward with the trial? (Answer inside!)
  • The Art of Focus from Guest Contributor Brian Beckom of VB Attorneys
  • Carpey Law's Monthly Top 6
  • Laura Carpey's Recipe of the Month: Sissy's Sweet & Sour Meatballs
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December 2013 Personal Injury Newsletter

Carpey Law Newsletters
Here's what's featured in our December Newsletter:
  • A Slip and Fall Can Cause All That? - Falls can actually account for as much as 8 million hospital emergency room visits annually, representing the lead cause for ER visits by more than 20%. Read more inside!
  • Deceptive Advertising and the Selling of Lousy Car Insurance Coverage in PA - Stuart shares his real, honest experience about dealing with auto insurance companies and whether you should really believe their effective advertising. When it counts, do these companies really have your best interests at heart?
  • Laura Carpey's Recipe of the Month: Easy Corn Souffle!
  • Stuart Carpey's Letter to the Inquirer - The Philadelphia Inquirer recently ran an article called "Getting stuck while sticking with costlier auto insurance." This is Stuart's letter to the editor explaining his personal injury law experience with auto insurance companies.
Download the December 2013 Newsletter!
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November 2013 Personal Injury Newsletter

Carpey Law Newsletters
Download the November 2013 Newsletter Here's what's featured in our November 2013 Newsletter:
  • Guest article written by Virginia Attorney Ben Glass on Long-Term Disability Benefits - How to appeal a denial of your long-term disability benefits from your employer and why something like this might happen. If your benefits have been denied, it is important to quickly seek out an experienced personal injury or medical malpractice attorney to assist you.
  • You can have your car, truck, or motorcycle insurance policy reviewed by Attorney Stuart Carpey, for FREE! Stuart can review your policy and tell you what it really means in terms of protecting you and your family in the event of an accident.
  • Your insider's guide to Carpey Law - what are all the different areas of the law we cover?
  • Laura Carpey's Recipe of the Month - Apple Coffee Cake
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October 2013 Personal Injury Newsletter

Carpey Law Newsletters
Download the October 2013 Newsletter! Here's what's featured in our October 2013 Newsletter:
  • It's Flu Season: Know Who's at Highest Risk - Are you at a high risk for the flu? Children under the age of 5 need to be careful, as do people older than 65. More details inside!
  • Facebook: Lock it up, like you lock your house - Facebook users are not being wise about their security online. Facebook has a habit of changing your settings without telling you, so make sure any personal details you post are only being shown to the people you want to see them. And don't post about going out of town, unless you'd like to invite burglars inside for a party while you're gone.
  • Laura Carpey's Recipe of the Month - Three Envelope Pot Roast or Chicken
  • Awfully Nice Tours - Rated #1 on Trip Advisor's List of Activities in Philadelphia
  • Stuart's Personal Injury Trivia Game: What if I'm in an accident and the other driver doesn't have insurance? (Answer inside!)
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What is a Deposition in a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case?

A deposition is the defense attorney’s opportunity to ask you questions about you and your case, posing questions about the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and your medical treatment. Depositions are an important part of your case, and are part of the “discovery” process of your case. Presenting yourself in a truthful, honest and sincere way at your deposition will have the most impact on the defense attorney and the opposing insurance company in their evaluation of you as a witness. Your attorney should you for your deposition, and under no circumstances should you give a deposition without having an attorney present.

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Advice On How To Safely Shovel And De-Ice Your Driveway

In the past, this website has offered advice on shoveling snow and salting sidewalks, but considering that an average of 11,000 people injure themselves shoveling snow every year, we thought it would be good to post a few more tips on how to stay safe after a snowfall. The following is some information about the dangers of shoveling and de-icing snow, and how to avoid them

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The Trial of Dr. Conrad Murray–A Lesson in Recklessness and Negligence

On November 7, 2011, cardiologist Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of pop superstar Michael Jackson, who died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. The trial, which lasted six weeks, ended with the jury’s decision that Dr. Murray’s conduct was reckless enough to be viewed as criminally negligent under California’s penal laws.

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