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Will My Car Accident Case Settle or Will it go to Court? How Much is my Case Worth?


Will my car accident case go to trial or settle?

If you have been injured in a car accident in Pennsylvania, your case will be resolved in one of two ways. Either it will be settled or it will go to trial. Those are the choices.

Statistically, most cases settle. Probably 95 per cent. That does not, however, mean your case will settle.

What determines if a case will settle? A multitude of factors. Each case is different.

  • The amount of damage to the vehicles;
  • Type of injury or injuries the parties have sustained;
  • Whether the injured party or parties required surgery;
  • Are there liens involved in the case?
  • Are there unpaid medical bills or wage loss?
  • Who is the opposing insurance company?
  • Do you, the client, want to settle, or do you want to go to trial?
  • What is the settlement offer?
  • Is the settlement offer high enough?

It is your lawyer’s job to advise you in the decision making process of whether to settle or to go to trial. The risks of trial can outweigh the risks of settling your case. If you settle, you know the amount of money you are receiving as compensation for your injuries. Going to trial means that you are leaving that decision to twelve people you do not know, and who don’t know you. In addition, the costs of going to trial are usually much greater than the costs on your case before trial. Of course, by settling, you risk the unknown of “what would the jury have awarded me.” Ultimately, the decision is yours.


What is my car accident case worth?

Clients are often asking about how much their car accident case will be worth. The truth is that it’s hard to determine definitely, but there are many factors we use to try to estimate what your settlement should be. Watch the video to learn more.

A friend of mine was in a car wreck and broke her arm. She said she got a lot of money. Will my case be worth as much as hers?

Each case is different, and must be evaluated from a point of view of what the medical records say about the injuries, and what your doctor can say about your injuries when asked to do so in court. It is extremely important in an accident case to know how the injury affected the injured person’s life, and whether the injured person missed time from work or was debilitated in some other way. All of these factors go into evaluating a case. Since everyone is different, and not all injuries are exactly the same, the value for each case has to be different.

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