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Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Case


Following my Pennsylvania car accident, I could only return to work part-time. Am I eligible to recover money for lost wages?

Yes. If injuries from your Pennsylvania car accident have caused you to take time off from work, then it may be possible for you to recover damages for the difference between your normal, full-time hours and your current, part-time hours. It is important, however, to prove that your injuries were responsible for your time off from work. To prove this, you will need a note from your doctor which offers insight into why you needed to take time off.


How Much Time Will it Take for Me to Recover Damages in My Pennsylvania Car Accident Case?

It is understandable that you want to know when to expect your case to end. You have mounting medical expenses, lost wages to worry over, and property damage to pay for. To be compensated to the fullest, and as soon as possible, the best idea is for you to speak to a Pennsylvania car accident attorney immediately. Every personal injury case is unique, and the time it takes to complete a case and recover damages depends on many factors, all of which you will discuss with your attorney. Throughout the process, be honest and detailed in your account of your accident.


Can I get money back for prescriptions that I’ve paid?

Yes. Payment for prescription medicine and devices are reimbursed directly to you if you’ve paid the pharmacy directly. The bills get submitted to your own insurance company and they will issue a check to you for reimbursement.


Who pays my bills in a personal injury case?

In a typical motor vehicle accident case, your own insurance company pays your medical bills. In a fall down accident, furthermore, your health insurance coverage pays your medical bills. Clients frequently assume that the other person’s insurance company is responsible for paying all of their medical bills but that is not correct under the law in Pennsylvania. Rather, the other person’s insurance company is responsible for paying for your pain and suffering. That’s typically the larger portion of the case.


If I am in a car accident, what should I do with my medical bills?

Who will pay my wages if I’m in an accident and miss time from work?

What are “damages” in a Pennsylvania car accident case?

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