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How Can I Protect Myself in a Car Accident Case?


Does it actually help if I take photos of the car accident scene?

Yes, definitely. Photos of the crash site help a lot in a car accident case. Of course, your injuries may prevent you from returning to the scene of the crash. In such a situation, see if a friend or family member can take photographs for you. If so, have them keep the following in mind:

  • Photograph the scene from all angles, including from high angles and low angles. Do your best to visually recreate the scene.
  • In each photo, include as many of the objects involved in the crash as possible. This means all cars, street lights, traffic lights, STOP signs, debris, and other objects.
  • Stand back and take some photos of the whole scene, including surrounding traffic and other landmarks.

Also, use a camera which will time stamp the photographs so that there is no disputing when the photos were taken.


What is a medical release? Should I sign one offered by the other driver’s insurance company?

When the other driver’s insurance company asks you to sign a medical release following a Pennsylvania auto accident they likely want to pore through your medical history and find any reason why your injuries were caused by something other than the accident. It is generally not a good idea to sign a medical release — especially not before consulting with an attorney. Signing a medical release can also be problematic if, after signing the release, more injuries develop that are related to your Pennsylvania auto accident. It is a good practice to never sign a medical release from the other driver’s insurer without first seeking advice.


How long should I continue to see my doctor after an accident?

Do defense expert witnesses utilize deceptive tactics and misrepresentations?

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