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How Can I Obtain a Copy of the Police Report? What Should I do With the Police Report?

Should I Obtain a Copy of the Police Report Following my Pennsylvania Car Accident? How Should I Go About Doing That?

It is often a good idea to have a copy of the police department’s report if you have been injured in a Pennsylvania car accident. This is especially useful if you plan to pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

There are multiple ways to go about obtaining a police report:

  • Request the report in person at the police station.
  • Put a request in writing and mail it to the police station

Make a request for the report on the police station’s website.
To help the process along, you should have some of or all of the following information: the of the car accident, the accident number, the name of the other driver(s), the license number of the other driver(s).

Also know that there is sometimes a fee your obtaining a copy of your accident report.


How do I get a police report and what do I do with it?

If a law enforcement agency responded to the accident, you are entitled to a copy of the police report. Simply contact the responding police officer or department to get a copy. They may require you to pay a small fee for the report. It is important to give this report to your attorney and your insurance company. This report contains facts that will ultimately help to resolve your claim with the opposing insurance company.

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