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Will my insurance rates increase after an accident?

What does “full tort” mean? What does “limited tort” mean?

What is “uninsured motorist” coverage? What is “underinsured motorist” coverage?


If I have full coverage on my car insurance policy, am I protected?

No. Full coverage is a misnomer. It means nothing. All you can be assured of if you purchased full coverage is that your insurance agent sold you the cheapest coverage he could. It does not mean you purchased full tort coverage.


If a friend borrows my car and is involved in an accident in Pennsylvania, does my insurance company pay for any damages?

Yes, unless your friend had his own insurance coverage, in which case his/her insurance coverage will be used. Also, your insurance company will not pay for any damages unless your friend had your permission to use your car.


Can a car insurance company who represents the driver of a car who hit me deny payment to my doctor for my whiplash injury, when they accepted responsibility for their insured by paying for the repairs to my car and by paying for a rental car while my car was in the shop?

Insurance companies in Pennsylvania injury cases often try to save money by not paying accident victims. But here’s the real story: the insurance company for the other driver is not obligated to pay you anything! If they make an offer to settle your injury case, and how much they offer depends on a multitude of factors. (See our article in our “Library” section on “How Much is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?”. In a Pennsylvania car accident case, the other guy’s insurance company does not have to pay you medical bills. Your insurance company pays your medical bills. The other insurance company is required to defend their insured in any lawsuit that you file against the other driver, and “indemnify” their uninsured up to their insured’s policy limits-that means they will pay a verdict up to the amount of insurance coverage that their insured purchased. They do not have to settle your injury case before trial, although in many case insurance companies may be willing to settle personal injury cases, including whiplash cases. If you would like more information on this subject, you should consult an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer in your area (read the article on our website also) and decide whether it is best to settle your Pennsylvania personal injury case or whether it is best to go to court against the other driver.

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