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How Stuart A. Carpey Handles Cases

Our firm’s lead attorney Stuart A. Carpey has many unique approaches to his work, all of which have contributed to Carpey Law’s continued success. One of Stuart’s valued approaches to his work is to keep an open line of communication between his office and his clients. Stuart believes it is important that clients know the process of their personal injury case, both in the claims and litigation stages. Many lawyers don’t explain the case process from beginning to end, and Stuart disagrees with that approach. If a client doesn’t know how a case works, or if a client isn’t sure about the status of their case, he or she can be left feeling lost or confused. The Carpey Law Advantage ensures that a client will feel confident that they have placed their case in capable hands.

There are many ways that Stuart works to keep his clients informed regarding the process of their cases, both in the claims process and the litigation process, including copying them in email correspondences, promptly returning phone calls, and speak to them with respect.Stuart also does his best to address some of the most asked questions regarding personal injury cases.

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The important aspect of a case is the client being informed. Stuart Carpey provided his cell number for questions. This helps the client feel there is interest in their case no matter how large or small the case is.

How Stuart A. Carpey Handles His Clients’ Cases

I Tell It Like It Is

I refuse to allow my clients to see their cases through rose colored glasses. Other lawyers may make promises that they know they may not be able to keep, either about the value of their client’s personal injury case or the likelihood of winning at trial.

I cannot guarantee that I will win your case. It depends on the strengths and weaknesses in the case. I feel my clients deserve to know this information.

I will always provide an honest assessment of the case with its strengths and weaknesses. If the odds of winning the case are high, I want you to know that from the beginning. By the same token if you have a difficult case, you should know that too. If a witness is unfavorable, some piece of evidence is against us in the case, or an expert witness does not provide the information we need, you should know that. I feel it is important that you know that. Whatever the case may be, my clients know that they have an attorney that will be honest and straight forward with them regarding the good and bad in their case. I strongly feel that my clients need all of the information in order to make an informed decision about their case, including whether to accept or reject a settlement offer, whether to settle the case or go to trial.

I Go To Trial For My Clients

Many personal injury lawyers never try a case. I try cases – not all of my cases, but many. In truth, most cases (of all types and including personal injury cases) settle some time before trial because both sides ultimately realize their risks. But it is my belief that to be a competent personal injury attorney, you must try cases and you must handle a case from the beginning as if it is going to be tried. Many personal injury attorneys claim they are “trial lawyers” but in fact do not go to trial.

I, on the other hand, know my way around the courtroom, and this benefits my clients. Being trial ready also improves my ability to get top settlement offers from insurance companies on behalf of my clients.

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My Practice Is Dedicated To Injury And Accident Victims

All of the cases I handle are to help people get compensated after they have suffered an injury as a result of negligent conduct by somebody else or by some other company. I work with my staff to solve your legal problems, every day. I am able to leverage the experience I have in the law, and particularly in personal injury law, on behalf of my clients.

I Provide Information And Legal Advice So That My Clients Can Be Part Of The Decision Making Process

I strongly believe that it is my job to provide information and advice. I don’t just tell my clients what to do. Rather, I provide sound advice based upon knowledge and experience. That does not mean I don’t give clients my strong opinion – I do. But I have always felt that my client has to be part of the process. For instance, when it comes to making a decision to settle a case or try it, or in gauging if the settlement offer from the insurance company is a fair one, I will provide my client with a written summary of the case, as well as the positives and negatives of the settlement offer. This way, my client can thoroughly evaluate the risks of going to trial as well as the risks of settling for a dollar amount that may be too low. Very few personal injury lawyers actually go through this process with their clients in this way.

In addition to giving clients my advice and letting them know how strongly I feel about that advice,  I make sure to tell my clients the reason behind my decision. I want my clients to be in the best position to decide what is best for them. No two cases are the same, and each individual client is different. At the end of the case you, as a client of Carpey Law, will be able to make the best decision about your case based upon the legal advice I have given you.

For example, I often offer explanations about why it can take so long to resolve a personal injury case. I discuss the process of obtaining a client’s medical records, and why it is always necessary to obtain additional reports, such as written statements from doctors. I explain healthcare liens and subrogation liens. I explain how to deal with the other driver’s insurance company. I offer a rundown of the paperwork and circumstances necessary to move forward in the many stages of a personal injury case, and I explain to clients why it can sometimes take a long time to receive certain documents and deal with outside offices, like municipal buildings, state offices, and doctors offices. And if certain questions or details of a client’s case were not addressed during a meeting or phone conference, the Carpey Law website provides no shortage of information for clients to read through.

In this fast-paced, paper-heavy business, clients can be left in the dark unless their lawyer communicates to them about their case. That’s why Stuart A. Carpey writes blogs, books, and monthly newsletters to help keep his clients feeling comfortable with the process of their lawsuit. That is a vital aspect of the Carpey Law Advantage.

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