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Yes. Pressure Ulcers Show Evidence of Nursing Home Neglect!

One of the standards used to judge the quality of an elder care facility in Philadelphia and all over the country is the prevalence of pressure ulcers in its patients. Pressure ulcers—more commonly known as bedsores—occur most often in people who are immobile for long stretches of time, like the residents in a long-term care center. For this reason, both long-term care facilities and external entities have latched onto pressure ulcers as a means of determining the quality of care.

In essence, the thinking hinges on the premise that pressure ulcers are preventable. If pressure ulcers are preventable, and if a long-term care facility has many instances of patients with stage 3 or stage 4 pressure ulcers that indicates that nurses aren’t regularly turning the patients, keeping them clean, or otherwise administering proper care. If the pressure ulcers were preventable, then a facility full of patients with pressure ulcers would imply inadequate care. Pressure ulcers found in Philadelphia area nursing homes are also the impetus for many cases brought to a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia on charges of elder abuse or neglect.

Now some would argue that there isn’t a clear link between the prevalence of pressure ulcers and the quality of care in a medical capacity. They say that many people who are confined to a long-term care facility are already in poor health, and no matter how good their care is, they’re simply more likely to manifest pressure ulcers as another symptom of their ailing health. In other words, it’s intrinsic to the condition of the patient, not extrinsically based on the quality of care. But pressure ulcers result from pressure in one place for too long, and this absolutely indicates that a person has been laying in a certain position for too long – neglect.

It is a fact that elder abuse and neglect happen. More than 2 million cases occur per year. If a loved one in a care facility develops pressure ulcers, it’s not something to ignore or sweep under the rug. In cases like this, it’s important to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia to get guidance on how to proceed.

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