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What Do You Know About Backover Crashes?

Backover crashes involve hitting a pedestrian or bicyclist. In both cases, the victim does not have the protection afforded by an automobile and is therefore more vulnerable. Backover crashes often occur at slow speeds since they involve a driver moving in reverse.

Backover Crashes In Pennsylvania

Through the evaluation of traffic accident data, in addition to emergency room records, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has calculated that roughly 220 fatalities occur annually due to non-traffic backover crashes, with 14,000 recoverable injuries also occurring on average.

It is also worth noting that backover crashes most often affect senior citizens and children; namely, those who cannot get out of the way in time. In fact, nearly half of the IIHS’s reported annual backover crash fatalities involve either children or elderly Americans (those over the age of 70). The rest of the fatalities are made up of pedestrians and men and women riding bicycles.

Nearly half of all backover crashes occur off of public roadways, mostly occurring in parking lots, parking spaces, and driveways. It is known that one must practice safe driving when in traffic, but these numbers indicate that safety is needed at all times, even when a driver is entering or exiting his or her driveway.

Technology In The Prevention Of Backover Crashes

Technical advancements in recent years have made it possible to lessen the number of backover crashes. Rearview cameras are especially useful in preventing these accidents. These cameras pick up all objects which lie in the car’s path and display them on a screen on the dashboard of one’s car. Furthermore, many cars are now equipped with sensors which will alert a driver of an object or person moving through the car’s path.

Even though technology is making it possible to avoid such potentially disastrous car accidents, drivers must not allow these systems to lull them into a false of security. Always be alert to what lies behind your car while you are driving in reverse.

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