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What Are the Contents of the Settlement Package That My Attorney Will Send to the Insurance Company?

If he or she is good at what they do,  then your Philadelphia car accident attorney will understand that insurance adjusters often have a mountain of files in front of them. As a result, your attorney should know to assemble a detailed settlement package which nevertheless plainly documents the details of your crash, making it easy for adjusters to deal with your claim.

Organizing a straightforward settlement package is easier said than done. However, the following is a brief rundown of the documents which will be included in your settlement package:

  • The accident report written by the police who arrived at the crash site

  • Written statements provided by witnesses at the crash site

  • Photographs of the crash site and any damage done to vehicles involved

  • Any bills related to your accident injuries

  • Medical records which document your treatment following the accident

  • Photographic evidence of your injuries

  • The written statements of anyone close to you who can vouch for the severity of your injuries

  • Proof of wage loss and lost earning capacity

  • The formal demand letter: Your formal demand letter will be the cover letter of your settlement package. This letter informs the adjuster of your attorney’s purpose, which is to start the settlement process of your claim. A detailed account of the accident should be included in the demand letter as well. For more information on the information you should collect following your car accident in Philadelphia, see our “checklist for what to do following your car accident.”

Remember: A good attorney will know that it is good to document injuries thoroughly. A poorly prepared package will be unimpressive to the adjuster evaluating your claim, and may result in the adjuster placing a lower settlement value on your case. You and your attorney should know to be completely honest in your reports.

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