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Reality of Whiplash — Insurance Attempts to Disprove Injuries

Accident reconstructionists are people who perform studies that recreate the circumstances of car accidents to see if victims would have actually suffered the injuries they claimed. Almost always, these experts, if hired by the insurance company come to the conclusion that a victim’s injuries are not as severe as the doctor reported. This can especially be the case with whiplash injuries, which are sometimes called fake, or impossible injuries.

Whiplash is Real

Truth is, whiplash is very real and can occur during low speed auto accidents as well as high speed auto accidents. Whiplash often occurs when one motor vehicle is struck by another on the road, violently jolting an occupant’s head.

What Happens

The product of such an accident is that the lower cervical vertebrae of the neck experience a state of hyperextension while, simultaneously, the upper vertebrae are bent beyond their normal range. This can cause tissue damage, bruising, and tenderness.

What Insurers Try to Say

Even if insurance companies — and, by extension, their accident reconstructionists — don’t actually suggest that whiplash injuries aren’t real, they might argue that a patient did not suffer from the injury. They may even say the doctor who diagnosed the whiplash was mistaken. Accident reconstructionists can neglect some very important details in their studies, like:

  • The position of the head at the time of impact

  • The kind of car seat the driver is sitting on

  • The driver’s health at the time of the crash

  • The driver’s height and weight

All of this makes for ripe cross examination of the insurance company accident reconstructionist expert.

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