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The Importance Of Your Car’s Headrest

Our cars have many features that help protect us from injury when we are involved in a crash. The two most recognized safety features are seatbelts and airbags. The headrest however, is a safety feature that is often overlooked.

The headrest was designed by car companies to provide better neck and cervical support. It was also designed to help prevent neck injuries. However, many times the headrest has not been properly adjusted. In fact, up to 90 percent of drivers have their headrests positioned too low. If positioned too low, a driver’s head can actually be whipped over the top of the headrest in a rear end collision and can cause a severe neck injury.

But when positioned properly, the headrest stops the backward movement of the head in a rear end collision. That is why it’s important to have your headrest positioned two inches behind your head with the top of the headrest no lower than the top of your head. This is the ideal position for the headrest to work properly and reduce the severity of injury in a rear end collision.

So the next time you get in a vehicle make sure you adjust your headrest to the proper position. The few seconds it takes for you to do so will save you from a lot of pain later.

One thought on “The Importance Of Your Car’s Headrest

  1. I see a problem with the unsupported neck prolapsing too far backwards in a rear end collision. I have an oblong shaped head and the headrest is always pushing my head forward and there is a huge gap between my neck and the lower part of the headrest. I think a headrest should be shaped more like a catchers mitt.

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