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The Five Most Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

When you’ve been injured in a “slip and fall” accident on someone else’s property, a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you need to cover medical expenses and any lost wages that may result.

For this post, we have identified ways that injuries can be avoided that happen on property owned by a commercial entity, i.e., a business.

As a Philadelphia personal injury law firm we have identified the five most common reasons people are injured by slipping and falling based on my experiences. Since businesses are responsible for keeping their premises safe, this post may be particularly pertinent to anyone who has recently been injured in a slip and fall accident. Each of these conditions represent “defects on the property that the property owner should make non-defective (i.e. safe) by proper inspection of his premises. This is the law in Pennsylvania, so any defect that the owner knew or should have known about that ultimately causes an injury to a patron, customer, or other person creates liability.

Wet floors

A business is required by law to place a brightly colored wet floor sign or signs in the vicinity of mopping activity. But whether or not a wet floor sign is visible, a person who slips and falls on a slick floor should consult an attorney and should not admit responsibility for the accident to store management.


Any store that sells liquid products can be liable for injuries to patrons if the liquids end up on the floor.


When a water pipe leaks onto a floor, accidents can easily happen. Store management should be aware of the situation and post wet floor signs around the leak.


Any powdery substance on a slick floor can cause a person to slip and fall. As with leaks and spills, store management ideally should have the mess cleaned up promptly, but if that action isn’t taken, the store can be liable for any injuries sustained.


Ice and snow outside a business which has not salted walkways or stairs certainly causes slip and fall accidents. Businesses are liable for any injuries sustained outside the premise.

Premises liability cases can be tricky, and only a qualified Philadelphia personal injury lawyer will be able to advise you about your slip and fall case. In every circumstance, people who’ve been injured in this type of accident should first be encouraged to first seek necessary medical treatment before even considering consulting with an attorney.

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