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Motorcycle accidents are common and often catastrophic, requiring detail-oriented investigations. There are a number of a sources that your motorcycle accident attorney in Pennsylvania will refer to for assistance in handling your accident case. These experts will be well-versed in reconstructing the motorcycle crash, noting deficiencies in the design of the motorcycle, determining if the motorcycle operator was somehow at-fault, and evaluating the roadway.

Fact of the matter is motorcycle crashes are on the rise. Since the year 2000 there has been an immense increase in fatalities related to motorcycle collisions. Motorcycle deaths have spiked by more than 50 percent. Of course, this is in part due to the fact that there are more motorcyclists on US roads today than ever before, according to the CDC. Even so, a recent study showed that 4,502 riders were killed in motorcycle accidents in 2010, a number which should be much lower.

Our website features many articles suggesting how a motorcycle rider can improve his or her driving and ensure continued safety on roadways. Among those articles are the following:

For even more motorcycle articles, check out our motorcycle accident lawyer page.

Anatomy of a Motorcycle

In addition to motorcycle safety and laws, it is also good to know a bit more about the motorcycle itself. Here are some explanations of the important parts of most motorcycles.

Frame. The frame of your motorcycle is sort of the foundation of the vehicle. Frames change depend on the make and model of a bike, but is often highly metallic.

Wheelbase. The wheelbase refers to the distance which falls between the back axle and the front axle.

Handlebars. Used to steer the bike. It is worth noting that many states regulate the height of handlebars. This means there are rules about how high your handlebars can extend above your shoulders and seat.

Front and Rear Suspension. Suspensions are important to the motorcycle as they provide support in the braking and handling of the bike. The suspensions help to limit how much a rider feels bumps in the road as well as vibrations associated with riding.

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