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While athletes train to strengthen their bodies, when they encounter injuries, it’s harder to rest and allow the necessary time to adequately heal.  When accident victims find their lives turned upside down after an accident, the injury can cause a great deal of frustration.  The desire to return to sport or training (or just daily life) is strong.  Athletes, who have trained themselves to optimum condition, view serious injuries differently than most. Often, the same can be said for accident victims. Losing a routine, whether it’s rigorous training or just daily errands, can cause an injured person to try to recover more quickly. It’s the drive to return to normalcy after an injury that can cause a great deal of damage in the healing process.I can just work through it.  Ignoring the pain can worsen the effects of the injury; things like overcompensating for a pained knee can also shift the effects of the injury elsewhere.  Even if pain seems to subside, it can potentially flare again or manifest differently.  It’s better to seek treatment than to ignore an injury.

I’ve worked too hard to stop training.  The key difference is short versus long term goals.  Trying to soldier on through an injury can mean losing some abilities.  Putting the same training discipline into recovery and patience can help an athlete (or accident victim)  snap back stronger following an injury.

This is frustrating.  Frustration is normal; being sidelined for an athlete or accident victim is painful in itself, quite literally adding insult to injury.  Channelling that frustration into the recovery regimen can help the process.

Where do I turn?  Specialists and other medical resources are just a few clicks away.  Choosing who administers treatment is integral to ensuring the body can heal back to active shape.  Sites like filter search results and allow users to search for and compare doctors online.
Of course, an athlete’s recovery is his or her own.  Turning an athlete’s drive from training to healing is important for returning to the game— a little later, but much stronger.

In personal injury cases, athletes and victims have much in common: frustration, impatience, and sometimes a lack of information about the injury and the best ways to treat it.  It’s important to remember that, though the time following an accident is upsetting, it is vital to recovery to not only seek the best care, but to educate oneself about the injury and its implications.

For more about how to manage recovery as an athlete, see Athletes and Accidents by James Ballidis.

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