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Should You Shut Down Your Facebook Page?

If you are claiming damages in a personal injury or workers compensation case, you might want to consider it. Every insurance company and every defense attorney has a clerk or paralegal looking at Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to find information about personal injury and workers compensation claimants. They are looking for profiles, pictures and other information that might be damaging evidence for people claiming injuries. Seemingly innoculous photos could turn out to be the death knell to your personal injury case. Even photos that might not be on your own site, but, say on a family member or friend’s site might be fodder for the insurance company. Is this new? No. Insurance companies will stop at nothing to damage your personal injury or workers compensation case. From day one you have to be truthful with us, your doctors and anyone else you come in contact with during the claim process and throughout the litigation of your case. Insurance companies have always used private investigators and videotape to track and monitor the activity levels of people making claims. If your back is too sore to pick up that refrigerator from the back of an SUV, then don’t do it. Someone might be videotaping you. If you can lift the refrigerator, then fine, just let us, your doctors and your family members, for instance, know that you can do activities like that. Be honest about your activity level and when describing to people what you can and cannot do. Facebook is just a new form of videotape.

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