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On October 26, 2012, Senate majority leader Harry Reid was involved in a rear-end car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada. The accident involved the senator’s four-car motorcade and other civilian vehicles. In all, six vehicles were involved in the accident. Minor injuries caused some of the passengers and drivers — Harry Reid included — to seek medical treatment from Las Vegas’ University Medical Center.

It is being reported by CNN and other news sources that Sen. Reid’s injuries were not severe and he has since been released from the hospital. In a letter from the Senator’s office, Reid’s injuries were described as rib contusions and hip contusions. It was also being reported that Reid was wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash, and that he was well enough to walk into the hospital without aid.

The details of the accident are not widely known at this point, but SGT. Kevin Honea of the Nevada Department of Public Safety said that speed was not a factor in the accident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first rear-end car accident to affect the family of Sen. Harry Reid. In 2010, his wife and daughter, Landra Reid and Lana Reid Barringer, were both injured in a rear end accident involving a tractor-trailer. Both women experienced neck injuries (common in rear-end car accidents) but have since made full recoveries.

Rear-end collisions are one the most common forms of car accidents and can happen to anyone, even top Democratic senators. To learn more about rear-end car accident trends, stats, and prevention tips, see the other articles on the Carpey Law website.

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