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Phone Settings Can Help Prevent Distracted Driving

By Leonna Campbell

It is said that 23% of all accidents involve cell phones. On average, a person looks away from the wheel to look at their phone to answer a phone call or to respond to a text anywhere from 5-7 seconds at a time. So many things can happen in one second so just imagine what could happen in 5-7 seconds. Now that we have a problem there needs to be a solution. Here are a few ways that I try to break my habits of being on my phone 24/7 and more so while I am driving.

Different contacts in my phone have different ringtones. Depending on the ringtone I hear depends on if I even bother to look at the screen (unless it is my Mom or somebody of importance). I try to respond to all of my texts before I start driving that way I will not be tempted to look or respond to the text. I am sure you are curious as to if the person responds back while I am driving what do I do? I simply do not respond until I get to my destination or I have whoever is in my passenger side read the text for me and act as an assistant for two seconds. Some phones have an option for it to read the text out loud with a simple voice command of yes or no when asked and the phone will read and respond to the message for you as you speak. One can simply tell whomever they may be expecting a text or a phone call from that they will be driving for the next amount of minutes so they will get back to them when they arrive at their destination, or once again not respond or answer the phone until they get to where ever they are going. Another simple solution to taking phone calls while driving is the matter of speaking on the speaker phone either using your phone’s speaker or the car’s radio, or the person can use a Bluetooth headset. These are hands free options are also advertise about in everyday commercials.  If somebody is a true brave hearted person, which I am not, they could turn their cells phones off while they are in the car and turn it back on once they are outside of the car.

With all these different options there is simply a matter of responsibility and maturity when it comes to driving and having a cell phone. It should be common courtesy to your safety and others’ around you safety to pay attention to the road at all times. A simple text can wait; if it is really important then the person texting will call. If one feels that he cannot wait to answer his/her phone while driving, they can either pull over to take the call or they should not be driving at all! I hope these different options were helpful and are put to great use. Thank you for reading!

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