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Medical Malpractice: When To Get An Attorney

Medical malpractice, or medical negligence, is the failure of a medical professional to meet the standard of good medical practice in the field in which the medical professional practices. This means that a healthcare provider – doctor, hospital, HMO, nurse, other individual or entity licensed to provide medical care or treatment – does something that competent doctors would not have done, or fails to do what a competent doctor would have done, resulting in personal injury or wrongful death.

Medical malpractice law can be complex and confusing. Getting a lawyer to explain the issues and the process to you after an injury will give you an understanding what lies ahead in the event you do decide to proceed with litigation. In Pennsylvania, medical malpractice can include but is not limited to: misdiagnosis of, or failure to diagnose, a disease or medical condition; failure to provide appropriate treatment; or unreasonable delay in treating a diagnosed medical condition.

If you have received medical care, this medical care caused or heightened your injury, you should secure your medical records and seek out an appointment with a competent medical malpractice attorney. In order to have a successful case, you need liability, causation, and damages. In Pennsylvania, you have two years from the act or omission giving rise to the injury to file your lawsuit.

Scheduling an initial appointment with an attorney will help clarify the process of litigation and issues specific to your case. Learn more by clicking here.

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  1. a patient of the Community Mental Health, was denied a plan of care and medical services to treat a diagnosis, and the patient was also prescribed inappropriate medication, wher the medication was the contributing factor to the illness. Is this a violation of the patient’s civil rights?

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