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Large Commerical Truck Accidents in Pa

Every year, approximately 32,000 large commercial trucks are involved in accidents on US motorways due to driving in excess of the speed limit. And speeding is only one of many causes of large truck accidents. Fact is, a large commercial truck is an enormous machine which must be handled carefully — packed with cargo, a truck this size can weigh around 80,000 pounds. Ignoring posted speed limits while moving with such weight can cause fatal injuries to the truck driver and anyone else on the road.

Large Commercial Truck Accident Information

There is a particular need for safety when driving a large commercial truck because its been reported that about 98 percent of all automobile accidents involving semi trucks or heavy trucks are fatal for at least one person, usually the driver.

What’s more, approximately 90 percent of accidents involving large commercial trucks are caused or in some way made worse by a human mistake. This statistic includes the actions of the large truck driver, the driver of another car or truck on the road, a passenger of any those vehicles, a pedestrian, or a bicyclist.

The driver of other cars on the roadway is of particular importance since, reportedly, 75 percent of large truck accidents are the result of drivers of smaller vehicles on the road. This makes the driving of a commercial truck more of a challenge since it necessitates the need for constant defensive driving.

Making Large Commercial Trucks Safer

One of the ways the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is attempting to reduce the dangers of large commercial trucks is to implant Electronic Control Modules in the vehicles. These devices aim to cap the speed of a large truck weighing 26,000 pounds or more at about 68 miles per hour.

The use of Electronic Control Modules is useful since excessive speed is usually a factor in large commercial truck accidents.

The next largest cause of an accident is drowsiness or sleeping at the wheel, an issue only made worse if the driver is moving in excess of the speed limit.

Accidents associated with large commercial trucks are often catastrophic. To learn more about the causes and effects of such an ordeal, see the other articles on this website.

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