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Civil Rights Lawyer Handles Police Brutality

I’m working with attorney James Famiglio on a very interesting civil rights violation case where two Ridley Township police officers allegedly mistreated of a husband and wife after an October 2009 incident that took place in Folsom, Pa.

When two men punched the husband in the face and threatened his wife outside of a Rick’s Place, a bar in Folsom, PA, he jumped into his car and followed them. While he was driving he was pulled over, forced to the ground and handcuffed. The lawsuit alleges that he was also tripped and punched until he blacked out. His wife was also arrested for disorderly conduct, but that a district judge dismissed the charge. The, charges against the husband of disorderly conduct and public drunkenness were also dismissed.

We alleged the following in the lawsuit. “The unlawful detention, arrest, search and use of unreasonable force against both Plaintiffs was a direct result of Defendants’ pattern, practice and custom of subjecting citizens such as Plaintiffs to unreasonable force and duress, in the absence of probable cause,” and “The Defendants acted willfully, deliberately, maliciously or with reckless disregard of both Plaintiffs’ constitutional and statutory rights.”

To read more about the case, the docket number in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is 2:11-cv-06258-TON and to read the story in the Pennsylvania Record, click here.

In the case of police abuse or brutality, the 4th Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. This suit alleges these types of violations and should prove interesting to follow. Stay tuned to my blog to see how it progresses.

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