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Truck Accidents- Skid Marks Say A Thousand Words

Despite being less frequent than passenger car accidents, heavy truck accidents in Pennsylvania are highly traumatic, with multiple vehicles often included in the wreckage. In 2011 there were 6,799 heavy truck crashes in Pennsylvania resulting in a total of 28 fatalities. Judging by projected 2012 data collected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, these numbers may be on the rise.

Judging the at-fault driver in a heavy truck accident in Pennsylvania is not always the easiest endeavor. However, officials often determine the cause of these accidents based on the trucks pre-crash speed. These speeds are typically determined by studying the skid marks on the road.

How Much Can a Skid Mark Say?

A slew of information can be ascertained by analyzing the skid marks on the road. Here’s what a crash site specialist will do:

  • Examine the different sets of skid marks and determine which car is responsible for which set of marks.

  • Determine whether or not the truck was using an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

  • Determine how the weight of the truck was distributed and whether or not the weight distribution changed during the accident.

  • Will determine the brake drag coefficients. Brake Dragging is what occurs when brakes fail to release after a truck driver has taken his foot from the pedal.

  • Determine the time it took for the back tire air brakes to react to the brake pedal having been pushed.

  • Following this analysis, the specialist will further determine if all brakes on the truck were working properly.

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