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Actor Injured- In Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you watch the CBS action-drama “Hawaii Five-o” then you are familiar with Alex O’Loughlin who plays the show’s main character, Steve McGarrett. For O’Loughlin, the high-action of the show can be risky, especially considering he does his own stunts. And earlier this year, those Five-0 stunts got the best of McGarrett when he injured his shoulder during the filming of an action sequence.

Having injured his shoulder at work, O’Loughlin certainly should have spoken with — and even hired — a personal injury attorney experienced in handling workplace injuries. Sure, opting to perform his own stunts meant he was putting himself in a certain amount of danger, but did the studio and set crew do everything they could to ensure the actor’s safety?

What’s worse, O’Loughlin became dependent on the pain medication his doctor prescribed him for the shoulder injury. So, in addition to physical therapy regiments, the actor had to check himself into drug rehabilitation to get off of the pain meds. This is all a big price to pay for a shoulder injury — especially if the injury could have been avoided.

To go through so much stress in the span of a single year, and to return so quickly to his starring role on Hawaii Five-o, makes Alex O’Loughlin a true hero of the public. His courage and determination is commendable.

Actors hurt themselves filming for television and movies all the time, and, just like anyone else, they need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can tell them whether or not they have a case. Negligence can occur anywhere, even on a big-budget film set. And if negligence does occur, even a Hollywood star deserves compensation for pain and suffering.

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