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For Kids, Attorney Stuart A. Carpey Says “No Fee”

Stuart A. Carpey, a Philadelphia-area personal injury attorney, has implemented a new program which aims to cut costs for his clients while simultaneously cutting into his own earnings. The program, called “No Fee for Kids,” is a policy whereby Carpey waives his fee for children involved in specific car accident cases; namely, cases that end in settlements, pre-suit.

In the event of an out-of-court settlement with an insurance agency, a petition must be filed to a judge seeking approval for the settlement money and lawyer fees. Carpey, a Villanova law school graduate who has been practicing law for twenty-four years, says “too many times I’ve… seen lawyers attempt to charge [a] fee in cases involving a child, where the child was in the same accident as his or her parent, and the fee, as far as I was concerned, was unjustified.”

The “No Fee for Kids” program, which Carpey is pioneering in the Philadelphia area, will be eligible to children 12 years of age or under who have been in a car accident along with one or more of their parents. Eligibility also requires that the case take place in a county where Carpey regularly practices; and it cannot be a referral case. If a car accident claim meets those criteria, the attorney pledges No Fee for Kids.

Carpey, who is himself a father of three, understands how a car accident involving one’s child can be a source of stress and anxiety. That is why the attorney feels an obligation to not charge a fee for as many children as possible. “[This is] a decision I’ve decided to take head-on,” Carpey says, adding, “It’s the right thing to do.”

Stuart A. Carpey, who has offices in Conshohocken and Philadelphia, specializes in motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice claims, and insurance disputes, among other areas of personal injury law. For more information on Carpey’s “No Fee for Kids” program, visit his website, at


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